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[OCE/SEA] Amnesty | PVX

AthetoAtheto Member, Intrepid Pack
edited April 2021 in OCE Guild Recruitment

If you've ever played an MMO, you'd know what an amazing sense of community and progress they offer. Intrepid Studios is changing the face of the genre with AoC, making the importance of community even more relevant. Amnesty is here to embrace that.

We strive towards an organised, efficient, respectful and team-oriented gaming community. We have skills across the MMORPG genre and aim to continue in developing a well rounded leadership team. We aspire to be a top 5 Oceanic guild that will utilise and cater for all aspects of the game including PvE, PvP, Crafting, Trade, Economy, Questing and Exploration.

We will be heavily focused on finishing all end game content, clearing world bosses and instanced raids. A major component of Ashes will be PvP - from protecting our assets and guild-mates, to skirmishing during a world boss or an all out war with rival/hostile guilds. PVP will be a major focus for us.

Within Amnesty we thrive to stake our claim in AoC as a powerful group of players that are constantly growing and progressing. We continue to develop and maintain an established and active leadership group and player base leading into launch. Our guild ranges from casual to hardcore and spreads the breadth of the OCE/SEA region, so you will always find people with whom you can talk and enjoy AoC with. We are currently one of the biggest and most active OCE guilds to date, additionally boasting a significant group who are involved in the Alpha 1 testing. We look forward to building the OCE/SEA community as a whole throughout development.

If you are interested in joining Amnesty and getting to know our community please head over to the guild website or join us on discord!



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