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[OCE/SEA] Amnesty | PVX

AthetoAtheto Member, Intrepid Pack
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Guild Name: Amnesty
Guild Council: Atheto, Naylor, Mages, Tim The Enchanter
Server: OCE
Focus: PvX
Time zone: UTC +5 to UTC +12
Age 18+, Mandatory voice comms, English speaking

Amnesty is a large PvX guild with large-scale experience in multiple MMOs, as well as an interest in all other gaming genres. Our leadership group has extensive experience in the development of cohesive and comprehensive strategies for all PvP and PvE gaming elements. Our player base encompasses the hardcore to casual, with guild members skilled in optimisation of gaming progression. Amnesty welcomed the largest OCE playerbase for Ashes Alpha 1 testing and will be welcoming a significantly larger testing group into Alpha 2.

Amnesty provides reliable bots and tools for in-game activities and discord organisation; comprehensive guides and resources; gamer support and development; competitive shot-callers; and a detail-focused, attentive and responsive leadership group. We strive towards an organised, efficient, respectful and team-oriented gaming community.

• Engagement in small and large-scale, organised, objective-based PvP
• Tiered PvP and PvE groups based on merit and team cohesiveness dedicated at targeting OCE server first world boss,
dungeon, raid and siege achievements
• Ownership of Guild Castle
• Prominent role/s and presence in chosen Metropolis
• Constant end-game progression with the introduction of new content
• Strategic logistical practices aimed at allowing for min-maxing of crafting progression and economic advancement

Amnesty continues to seek out active OCE players with experience in shot-calling, logistics, resource and tool development. Proactivity, ingenuity and efficiency are sought after in all of our leadership roles. Master crafters and skilled gamers are always welcome.



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