[NA] Squirtle Squad - HC PvX | Arena | Girls | Memes 👊🤠🎣

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[NA] Squirtle Squad - HC PvX | Arena | Girls | Memes

Guild Name: Squirtle Squad​

Guild Tag: [REE]​

Focus: Egirls/PvP/PvX/Gibbing Idiots

Timezone: EST/PST/EU​

Age requirement: Above 14 in may btw, but under 69.

Who We Are
We're a hardcore gaming guild aiming to make a name in small scale PVP and dungeons. We like to more consider ourselves as a merc guild. Our KDA > your KDA.

We get hoes, make money and pop off shots. You're dead before you even know it

Why should you surrender now?
Because most likely we will kill your guild or make ur members leave if you don't, so just surrender now : )

Is roleplay allowed : D?
RPing is KoS. Bye bye

You're most likely not worthy don't even try at this point.

message if interested with a clear history of ur gaming achievements UwU


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