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How do we change the profile avatar?

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    If you're using an Android you can press the 3 dots at the top right and toggle view as desktop mode and it should show you everything.
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    How do we change the profile avatar?



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    Should be able to change from there.
  • AxiosAxios Member, Founder
    I must be blind. Im not seeing that option. It may be because im on mobile?
  • AxiosAxios Member, Founder
    I managed to find it using the search bar and follow a dIrect link to the avatar change page. the help was appreciated
  • You can always change to Desktop site while on mobile, when in your webbrowser, tab the 3 dots, tag on desktop site. If you want the mobile site back, just tag it off.
    It makes things a bit easier to see imo.

    I use desktop site on mobile because I hate the white background + not seeing signatures ;)
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