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Gonna keep it short, cause uhhh... who likes to read what people have to say - am I right? So, as the node concept has put AoC at a great place, how far will our personal choices actually be allowed while maintaining the obvious aspects of MMOs - like the general grind in any and every mmo, whereas everyone gets to live happily ever after, or...? While promotion of the open economy has been a clear aspect, which to say the least is exciting, will market domination be a thing. Will I have the tools to put my competitors out of business or force them to terms, by means of organizing pacts with other recourse providers at advantageous costs to meet a steady supply and demand... Doubt to the extent of my hopes as it's just a game, and everyone hates monopolies, but that'd be cool...


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    In other MMOs a very few number of players put in the time and effort to be their realms' Master Artisan Maker-of-the-Greatest-of-Things but when it happened word got around that should someone want "that" thing then there was one or two players to go talk to. And they were in great demand and could demand the most for their services.

    Some players might see this as unfair but I hope that AoC does not allow everyone to craft everything with the least amount of effort.

    MMOs were better when the reward was proportional to the amount of time and effort the player was willing to put into their actions.
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    As I understand it, the game is introducing scarcity via what a node has: buildings to craft it, and relics/materials essential to make it. If you want to starve your competition of supply, you have to remove their node.

    It seems like you may be able to do a possible partial deprivation of supplies through caravan raids and such, but I'm dubious of how big of an impact that will actually have.
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