[NA] The Enclave | PVP/PVE | Politically Incorrect & Competitive

HorriganHorrigan Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
The Enclave of PlanetSide 1, 2 and to an extent WoW fame is currently planning to play Ashes of Creation provided it isn't a massive piece of shit.

Our community is heavily focused on large scale, organized PvP and has been in existence since 1998. I wont bore you with history or information you may not be interested but will drop you a link to our website so you can check out whatever you're interested in on your own which does include history and expectations.

WEBSITE: www.enclaveoilrig.com
DISCORD: www.discord.gg/enclave

Feel free to drop me some questions here or in Discord. And yes, I am the same guy that was yelling at Steven on his Discord.


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