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Class balance

I would like for a Dev to answer this if possible but since there will be 68 classes, what is the game plan for balancing all those classes? WOW can barely do 12... and that’s is ALOT of skills to develop so if you guys pull it of, BIGGEST ROUND OF APPLAUSE!


  • BangeoBangeo Member
    edited April 12
    Itll be just like Archeage.

    Main classes which will go hand in hand with secondary classes.
  • autumnleafautumnleaf Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited April 12
    It's true that we have 64 classes but only 8 are the 'main' classes the sub-classes are mostly augments and won't change the entire playstyle and mechanics.
  • snutsnut Member, Settler
    Augments (which are provided from secondary classes, social orders and even node citizenship) affect the augmented ability. Think of it like Diablo 3 abilities, if you're familiar with it. They're not balancing 64 classes, but instead just the individual skills.

    It becomes fairly obvious when one skill (or augment in this case) is a bit too strong.
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