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Glad tidings, fellow travellers.

(Note: Details to change with little to no notice)

The Brotherhood of Iron will initially be formed to be a Dünzenkell centered guild (both Dünir and Niküa) tho' we welcome all friends of the Dünzenkell.

The guild's first and foremost goal is to be a gathering spot where players can come together and help one another - Whether it is guarding the gatherers while they are vulnerable, escorting caravans, assisting in quests, or just dabbling in some light RP members will find a place where like-minded players gather.

Members are expected to assist fellow guild members when and however possible within time and ability constraints. From answering simple questions all the way up to assisting in finishing a long quest chain each guild member should ask themselves "Can I help and, if I were to ask, would I expect to help?". If the answer is "Yes" then plans should be made and time set aside.

The members asking should expect that other members have real life constraints and should form their request with the expectation that someone can help but not immediately. This is the type of respect that the requester should show to their guild mates and vice-versa.

Why "PVX"? and why "Social"
The guild may find itself concentrating on any number of elements in the game but as to now we are going to take a wait-and-see approach as to what is implemented in the game and is fun versus what is not fun. Each member will have a different definition of "fun" but we expect the guild to start turning its attention to be more specifically tuned to one aspect rather than another.

By starting as a social based guild with the attitude of we'll-try-anything-at-least-one we are able to grow and expand as more members join and increase the range of activities the guild as a whole take part in.

Is there anything that is strictly off-limits
The one thing that will be most policed will be Disrespect, to either guild members or any other player - Should real life topics pop up in text/voice chat (politics, religion, etc) that are obviously contentious we ask that the conversation be taken to another channel and kept civil. Once it becomes disrespectful then it is totally on the participants to come to a respectful conclusion and move on. Disagreements should never come to the attention of the guild leaders (ed. - obligatory "or else").

Are there dues, time, crafting, or any other factors demanded of the members? If a player can only show up a couple hours a week will they be excluded from certain activities?
No, but...
To state the obvious first, should the guild become raiding centric then players are expected to put in the time and effort required to be successful and not just wasting everyone's time.
As to any other activity it all comes down to what a player can contribute - If they are a very slow leveling player then they are in better position to help another player of similar level complete a quest.
Common sense, decency, and respect will dictate what is expected of guild members.

In conclusion...
The Brother of Iron is a guild where members will gather together and have a few laughs while helping each other play a video game.

Discord: (TBA)
Website: (TBA)
General: Me, here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little missive,
Morashtak Ironarm



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    ShadowCreptShadowCrept Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Welcome To NA! Becareful we are Toxic, We Welcome the Competition Tho!
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    You had me at Dwarf
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