[NA] The Golden Leaf | PVX | Noob Friendly/Getting Started Help | Casual

LeiLei Member, Braver of Worlds
Hey hey everyone! I know I haven't advertised anything at all since the first Guild Fair, so you probably don't even remember me existing, and that's just fine. As I stated around that time, and I still hold true, I don't plan to do active heavy recruiting until the game launches, as who knows what will happen between now and then!

The plan with The Golden Leaf, as is the same plan with every MMO I create TGL in, just to be a nice laid back casual guild, helping newbies out along the way. We certainly don't expect to be top tier hardcore players, but rather enjoy the game as it is with the friends that you make and do what makes you happy.

Discord: discord.gg/4vRg8C7

Though to be fair, I do plan to try and get some server firsts under my belt if I can ;)
In most MMO's TGL tends to be that stepping stone Guild which gets players on their feet and running before they find their niche and join a Guild that's more directed towards that.


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