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To The Devs: How do you feel about RP, and its place in MMOS?

Roleplay, the act of immersing yourself in one's character as if the world you are apart of, the actions you take, are real, and have consequence. It is the absolute longevity of any MMO for me because player generated content in RP often can make up for any shortcoming of content outside of RP.

As a roleplayer, I am curious as to how the devs feel about RP communities, as while a niche set up players, is a community that has began to rapidly grow. (TESO has over 10,000 registered users on their Roleplayer Community Website). I would also like to see what sort of support the Devs would like to give to said players? I can tell you first and fore most, it goes a long way to know we will have a way to congregate - especially in PVP driven MMOs, its nice to have a server dedicated for RP, and those that want to have a story behind the acts of violence we'll be inacting upon our foes, or they will be taking out on us.

I can make a bigger wish list, but for now, I'm interested to hear how the devs intend to take care of these types of players and this kind of community?


  • You would be better off asking this question on discord:

    Steven logs on often and answers questions.

    I think that is the active link, tell me if it doesn't work.
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