Ashes 101 - PvP Overview

Going to break up the old Ashes 101 - PvP Video I have into 4 smaller videos since I'm updating them.

Part I - Overview
Part II - Corruption
Part III - Node Sieges vs Node Wars
Part IV - Castle Sieges

Here is Part I complete and ready for the community!


  • gemiichangemiichan Member, Braver of Worlds
    OMG! Thank you for this! GREAT information!! <3
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  • jahlonjahlon Member
    gemiichan wrote: »
    OMG! Thank you for this! GREAT information!! <3

    You are welcome. There are 3 more parts to this, as well as Part IV of my Nodes series.

    If you ever have questions or need help with anything let me know.
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