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Hey all!

Never sure how to start a post but here goes. I have been actively RPing for about 10 years. Be it forums, Discord/IM chats or In MMOs of all sorts!
This is simply what I hope will be in Ashes/Suggestions for Ashes from a RPer's point of view.
In no order of priority:
  • Status Tag: A simple status next to your name to say if you are Role Playing or not. Something like FFxiv has.
  • Profile/Search: RP profile where you can details things such as Age, history, RP titles, Detailed character descriptions etc. Along with a short write up of what you seeking, be it RP, PvE/Guilds etc. Or what ever you like. Profile can be a tab when you inspect other players. Optional UI add-in is all.
  • Character Journal: A story of the character's questing/log of sorts. It would also act as a Wiki giving lore of places/events/quests and whatever else is withing Vera that the character knows. Could be tied into the profile and map making.
  • Custom Emote Function: Adding to the post Here
    Animations that are triggered from speech. "Hello there" Example. Character will either wave at target, or otherwise. Able to disable/enable this function too. Along with /emote, animation sets we can use. Added, combat animations that are different or set to the class. So a rogue stabs and a blade dancer dances... Don't want to see the same swing strike animation for the same class/weapon etc. Will be epic to see a lot more styles.
  • Customization: The more the better, never hurts at all. I am somewhat worried about the amount of cosmetics on the shop... but then again we are not paying for a Box price.
  • RP Servers: A notice board/RP events calendar that can be found in-game. Can be used for other things like Pve/Pvp or guild recruitment posters. Can be linked to the profile UIs etc. Protection against Trolls and Gankers to be a little more harsh if you attack those that are purely RPing, can be tied into the Tag too.
  • Environment: The Nodes and dynamic world is really a dream, but can we have more interactions with objects? Chair, bowls and so on. Example might be at a camp grounds, can we light the fire? Can we move the chair, can we adjust things or even build static things as a crafter? Something to Expand into.
  • Crafting: I think it has been mentioned, items like belts can be made then a sack (of coins or whatever the RPer wants), that can be attached to that belt and wear it. Added spice as cosmetic items to you baseline stats giving clothing. Same goes for mounts and what they could have on them.

Non of this should impact game play as much but also be a helpful tool and more creative side for the game in general if you are a non-rper.

Otherwise, what is your wish and hopes for RP within the game?
Looking forward to chatting with ya'!

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    Cool ideas, but Intrepid has already stated that there won't be any RP servers in Ashes.
  • Steven stated in a recent interview that while he appreciates all the RP features and elements in games, they are not on the road-map for delivering the core product at launch.

    They are something the team will look at post launch.

    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • As someone who usually does not participate in rp in my online games I still would like to see all these features except for the servers. I don't understand why everyone always needs special protection.
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    Servers are probably a no go, if you want to roleplay that's great but the devs shouldn't go out of their way changing major decisions for the sake of roleplaying when even non pvp servers wont exist.
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    I hope there won't be any "roleplayers" vs "non-roleplayers". I really can't imagine anyone playing Ashes without roleplaying at least in a very casual way. In other games, roleplayers have to disengage with the game in order to roleplay because the game's systems get in the way. This is why I stopped roleplaying in WoW. I hope that won't be the case with Ashes, and from the looks of things it won't be.
    You don't need a character journal when the world reacts to your actions. Though probably there will be a place to list your characters' deeds on the planned website. A server journal, chronicling the events that happen on the server, will exist. It's unclear how specific this will be.
    They have said that character customization will be detailed. Though I would take the promise of the character creator being like BDO with a grain of salt, it will certainly be on the better end. Any class can wear any kind of armor and use any kind of weapon, that certainly helps from a roleplaying perspective. Also you won't have classes that are found in the lore but not playable, like you do in many games. Information about the armor can be found here. That being said, an MMORPG is not a virtual world. The customization options won't be limitless. Roleplaying outside the game's lore likely won't be possible.
    You can decorate your house, so there will be systems in the game for moving furniture. They have promised that it will be possible to sit in chairs, lie down in beds etc. Where exactly this kind of interaction will be enabled is uncertain. Though as ESO has every furniture item in the world interactive, I'm going to guess Ashes will do that too. It's an easy thing to do these days (the main reason it wasn't available in older games was that it wasn't technically feasible) and there's little reason not to do it. They have definitively promised the ability to craft furniture items and such.
    Don't want to be ganked? don't stand around in unsafe areas. Your character wouldn't just stand in the woods talking to another character because there would be bandits or wild animals. So don't do that. Ride back to the nearest town. This isn't WoW, a ganker won't be able to invade a town.
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