[NA/JP/Global] Finis Avaritia | PvE/R/X, RP | 18+ | Family Oriented | Casual/Serious

tankenkatankenka Member, Braver of Worlds

Finis Avaritia's Guild Founder:

Additional Guild Structure:

Leadership Roles:
--> Forum Conditor Guild Founder
--> Guide (basically a guild leader & moderator)
--> Consilium (the people who are there when others need an ear)
--> Coordinator (for those who set up raids / events)

Family Roles:
--> Artificem (for those who are primarily Crafters)
--> Rimor (for those who are primarily PvE)
--> Venandi (for those who are primarily PvP/X)
--> Raider (for those who participate primarily in raids)
--> Histrionis (for those who are primarily RP)
--> Familiaris (basically a non-positioned person)

Current Contact Info:
Option 1 --> Contact me via the forum messaging
Option 2 --> Contact Tankenka#2964 on Discord if interested, an invite will be sent for the server.

The Discord server is being set up, so please bear with me as I learn how to roll it out properly.
There will be a web-page once I have some time to create one.

Our motto is:
Omnia grata sunt. (All are welcome.)
Nos simul stare. (We stand together.)
Rideat unum sumus. (We laugh together.)
Sicut domus sumus fortissimum! (As a family, we are the strongest!)

Our aims and goals:
We also aim to have split factions within the group (crossover is permitted) that will divide PVE/P/X and RP, as well as Crafter/Raider/Explorer - and of course, from casual to serious. Hopefully, we will create the kind of environment where people feel they have a safe-space (in and out of game/character). We will do our best to create a strong and supportive environment, but please expect growing pains as with any new family. Generally speaking, it will be more casually oriented - but some people like a supportive environment that also has all-in players.

Additional Notes:
--> All new members of Finis Avaritia undergo a vetting period (as with any guild).
--> This guild is 18+, mature, global, LGBTQ+ positive, friendly inclusive, family oriented, and family friendly.
--> No family is perfect.
--> It should go without saying that there is a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying (sexism, racism, gender bashing, hate speech, et al).
--> Many members will be full-time workers, or parents, or students. We will all have our stresses, and super busy or super relaxed periods. That's life.
--> The primary language of the guild is English - HOWEVER - there will be people who are new to the language. Please help them out, and be patient. It's not an easy language (I teach it, and it's messy).
--> We also encourage language sharing (it's fun!)

--> Must be 18+ (If you are under 18, and your parent/family plays and they submit a request, this may be conditionally waived).
--> Understand that it is a mature guild, and the expectation is we act and conduct ourselves accordingly.
--> You aren't expected to be talkative (I rarely talk), but actively contributing to the family is part of the package (be it helping out in game, guiding new people, talking or typing in game or on discord, saying hi/goodnight etc, etc).
--> Have Discord. A mic isn't necessary, but is an asset.
--> For raids/interactive & coordinated events, a functional mic will be mandatory.

Who is Tankenka (AKA: Fletz)
I have been gaming pre-internet. I was online via dial-up from an early age, and as soon as the internet came to life in 1993, I was on it. I have played a great many games, but RPGs and MMOs have always been my final go-to. I have also extensively played table-top RPGs, love coffee, wind, rain, and storms almost as much as I love cats and crows. I am a full time English teacher at a senior high school in Japan. A good number of my very good friends in life I have met online and in a gaming environment. Many of those people I have also met in life, and have maintained decades long friendships. While I don't know if some of them will play AoC (I certainly hope they will!)... they are the kind of people I hope I will find within the new AoC community.

Give me a pencil, and I'll draw the world.
Give me words, and I will illustrate the universe.
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