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Know Your Nodes: Economic Node Type


“The sails of diplomacy are driven by the winds of trade, within the seas of opportunity.” - Motto of one of the wealthiest guilds the 10 seas had ever seen.

Our newest #KnowYourNodes article covers the Economic Node Type and what makes it unique!


  • ZiiZii Moderator, Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    MMO screenshot :O?
  • koltovincekoltovince Member
    edited May 2019
    How would auction houses work within nodes that aren't economic then? I have a basic grasp of how the economic node would improve and expand the economic system, but I don't understand what the auction house system would be like in another node to understand how much someone could benefit from the changes. If anyone could explain what the lowest level off auction house (IE what say military nodes get) as a comparison point that would help me out a lot.
  • SwaftworthSwaftworth Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    edited May 2019
    My initial reaction: If there's literally no auction houses or player shops without an economic node, then God I hope there's always a Tier 4+ economic node nearby mine. I was leaning towards becoming a citizen of a Scientific node (because Science! and cool crafting stuff), but maybe the ability to offload materials and buy unspecified Important Things is more valuable. Hmm...
  • RaytekuRayteku Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    @Koltovince my understanding is that a military node doesn't get an auction house at all. no nodes get it except for the economic node level 3 for "Raw Resources and Processed Goods" and at level 4 "All Goods/Items"

    If you're a citizen of a military node you need to travel to the nearest auction house in order to use it then travel back. This opens up the game for an unofficial "Traveling Trader" class that simply travels to other nodes to buy things that he/she believes they can resell for a profit.

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. They haven't officially stated that non citizens will be able to use the Auction house but I believe they almost certainly will be able to, even if its in a limit state (like less sell slots available or something).
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