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I think it would be a good thing, to hide easter eggs about what kind of node a place might be

OrcLuckOrcLuck Member, Braver of Worlds
I think it would be a good thing, to hide easter eggs about what kind of node a place might be, so that people early on will search really hard for what kind of node they're in. I think discovery is a lot of fun, and giving everyone at the start of launch a secret piece of knowledge they might be able to find and hoard is something I find really appealing.

What do you guys think? Should you labor without even a chance at knowing what your labor is contributing to? Should this be a thing? How well do ya think they'd execute a little hint like this, and would it ruin some of the fun?


  • That is an interesting thought. I wondered what it would be like to get committed to a node and it turn out to be a different type than you hoped for. Have they said at what level you find out the type of node?
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Leader of Men
    They have said that you will be able to tell from level 1 what kind of node it is from the various npcs that appear at the level 1 camp. The timelines for a node to level from 0 to 1 is a number of hours, not days. Seems like a lot of extra effort for something that would be ignored by a majority of the playerbase in the race to grind for obvious signals.
  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Member, Founder

    According to the wiki, the type of NPCs you find in a node will tell you what kind of node it is. Divine nodes will have Priests, economic nodes will have Merchants, military nodes will have Guards and scientific nodes will have Scholars.
  • OrcLuckOrcLuck Member, Braver of Worlds
    Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize it only took a couple hours to settle a zone.
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