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Hero, villain or anything in between?

something that made me really excited when it was announced was that my character is no longer attached to the ideal of "the lawful good hero whose mission is to fight against the evil and become the savior of the world", instead I can choose my path and play any role I want in this new world, I have really high hopes for this dynamic, being a former player of World of Warcraft, where you can only be "the good one" I want to become something between an antihero and a mercenary...
I know that for what we have see this far this part of the game is not all cleared, for example we know that we are going to be able to worship the evil gods, but apart from that we haven't been told how this is going to affect the path of our character or what new possibilities are going to be available when we do it.
But I want you to tell me in this post
Are going to be the brave warrior who fights for peace and justice?
The evil villain that want the entire world to bend the knee at him or her?
The mercenary that seeks only fame and gold?
Or maybe a path between any of this or something completely different?


  • SwaftworthSwaftworth Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Well, it's going to be a player-driven world, so there should be lots of opportunities to be "evil", or self-serving, or an antihero, or whatever else. There will be plenty of conflicts and wars to exploit. And lots of guilds with differing goals, some of which could be described as evil, or at least war-hungry, that you could join.

    But just as you are allowed to do bad stuff, other players are allowed to try and stop you, so it probably won't be easy to go down a truly evil path. The Corruption system in particular, is designed to make the outlaw playstyle more risky. It causes you to eventually become "corrupted" if you kill too many innocents. And if you're corrupted, you will lose more gear/loot when you die. Plus, bounty hunters will exist that track down corrupted players for rewards.

    The corruption system only takes effect if you're killing random innocents, though. There are many other forms of PvP that are possible without penalty. Caravans in particular make for lucrative targets. Caravans basically exist just to set up those PvP opportunities in the open-world. Attacker vs. defender, bandit vs. guard, evil vs. good, rebel vs. tyrant, etc. Not to mention node and castle sieges.

    There should be plenty of opportunities to show your true colors in this game, assuming that Intrepid Studios follows through on their vision.
  • AzathothAzathoth Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    I will likely end up a hero, although the goal will be anti-hero. If the evil gods' progressions suits me then perhaps I could stay true Anti-Hero. Gaining corruption will not be a part of my anti-hero-ness, at least not corruption from attacking and killing players that won't fight back. Following an evil god might have it's own type of corruption.
    +1 Skull & Crown metal coin
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    *looks up from the bloodbath he commited* What did you say? We dont have to be goody two-shoes anymore? Yayyyyyyy!
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