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The Little Things

T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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It's the little things in games that help make them feel special and amazing. My list:
In EQ2 in North Qeynos there is a flock of birds that swoop and fly by
Also in EQ2 at rare intervals the statues of Antonia Bayle will come to life and speak
In Aion when it rained sometimes a leaf umbrella would pop up on your character
In DAoC I got a vendor loot drop of A Pocket Full of Starlight, which reminded me of a Perry Como song and I kept for a very long time just because I liked it; little knowing when I sold it, it was worth a nice bit, and did not drop in game until it was sold.
Another instance in DAoC was at noon in the woods the young valewalker trees would form up and march down the road.
In GW2 you would find animals being cute just doing what pets usually do, for example a cat sleeping in the sun on a bed in a dangerous bandit house.
And of course, beautiful scenery, which I think Aion and GW2 are great examples.

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  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited June 2019
    It was in AION that your character had epic idle animations.
    They would walk around a bit, go take a knee, sit down, fish in a river if you stood at one, pull out the really totoroesque umbrella if it rained :)
    AION had the most beautifull wildlife i have ever seen. Flying ghostlike fish in the air above lakes, little weasle like creatures in the forrest that scuttle around. Tree spirits that sing or follow you around sometimes.
    It made me fall in love with the game and the world it played in (the quest design was also really good in my opinion until lvl 35, after that it became mostly very grind heavy). You could feel the difference in races (you had asmodians aka crows and elyos aka pidgeons), the asmodians lived in a dark shadow like world and you noticed that in their snowy and nightmare-esque zones, while the elyos dwelled in sunny meadows and deserts. Both races adapted to their environments, the asmodians got red eyes that let them see in the dark, they grew talons and claws, while the elyos didnt have any problems with theyr environment and stayed in their "natural" form.
  • In EQ1 polymorphing yourself into a platinum piece on the floor of the local bank and having people trying to pick you up.
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