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Dragons as Player Characters

Well i was trying to think of a way to put something like the Council of Wyrms Boxed set in a MMO I Guess MONSTER COINS is a Good way.

Well the biggest hurdle is that since DRAGONS are fitted more to be raid bosses and mounts and seen as very powerful it is not viable for them to be played by people. For example playing a dragon in a dungeoun and doing the dps on par with other toons would just make dragons look really weak and if they were buffed then every one would want to play one.

But one way to do is making an in game faction Like the The Order of Three Dragons. And This dragons would be real dragons in game that is that would sometimes help defeat world bosses and things like that. Could actaully be convinced to help in certain situations if the prize was right. Dragons are Greedy . But any ways

It would be a faction and one of the rewards for supporting that faction could be Dragon transformation. So this could give players to choose from a variety of dragon skins. Of course they would never transform into a full sized dragon but could play a younger smaller model that looked similar to a true fullsized dragons. Now the player would not gain any new abilities just use same abilities as their prior class. Just a skin after all.

Game mechanics

Well for tanks and warriors well not to much of a challenge. Dragons that tank could have a breastplate just for tanks but no shields of course dragon have scales instead. Since dragons normally use claw claw bit animations for tanks and warrior dragons would be fairly easy.

For spell casting ranged dps well Dragons can hold staffs and kind of squat sit (do not have to be on all fours kind of like bears) So the animations could be worked out. (for puroses of this post clerics fall into spell casting ranged heals instead of dps) breath weapons could replace ultimate cast ability.

For Archers well off hand cross bow would have to be used. Which would look like normal two handed cross bow. Just dragons would be bigger so crossbow also bigger but held in one hand. Think dragons would look funny with long bows but animation could be worked for bows be more like a sling shot in hands of a dragon.

As Far as Bards are concerned I really could see a dragon playing a big harp but not quite sure what the bard class in Ashes of Creation is like so cannot comment to much on it.

As far as Rogues are concerned to capture the feel of a rogue you actually need to change the look of the dragon having a sleek and more nimble appearance but think this would be the most problematic as far as animations is conerned cause have to create a unique dragon for rogues to capture the agility and speed and sneakiness and cunningness of a rogue. So it could still be worked out.

Actually dragons can be made out to look like tanks and warriors and spell caster by changing the body art so that it conveys a more agressive or wiser look pretty easy. Just archer and rogues would be a tremendous challenge to make it feel like those classes.

Actually playing a real Dragon in Game with breath weapons special abilities would be so problematic as far as game balance is concerned but might be possible plus fully mature dragons are suppost to be huge too. Dragons are suppose to be Over Powered but if they were made that way every one would wnat to play one.

Just an Idea comments are welcomed.


  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Just.... No.
  • neuroguyneuroguy Member
    edited June 2019
    Monster coin system already allows players to turn into world bosses such as powerful dragons in the right event. Not sure why you'd need this on top of that.
  • unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    All you can do is trust that Intrepid will make sure that even the highest tier of monster coins will not be game breaking. As for player factions or orders, same comment.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Also always remember that monster coins will be single use only, and higher ranks will be increasingly difficult and rare.
  • OrcLuckOrcLuck Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Monster coin system gives you a lot of value. I don't think they need to add more races. They've got enough.

    If you want a lizard person there is a race that has lizard like features (among others) already planned. The Tulnar.
  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    I'll go with no for $500
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Moderator, Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    This sounds like a gimmick just for the sake of it. I'll pass.
  • ShoklenShoklen Member
    edited June 2019
    Three class/subclass combinations will be chosen at the creation of your account. If you manage to select these three perfectly (unknowingly) out of all 64 classes, play them to max level, the dragon slot will be unlocked...

    Wait, that sounds a lot like how Star Wars Galaxies locked away the Jedi class..... :open_mouth:

    On a serious note, it would be interesting. Horizons did it. You could even 'grow' your dragon from a baby to an adult by doing quests and growing your hoard. People either loved 'em, or hated 'em. Would it fit Ashes? Probably not.
  • KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited June 2019
    In your history of bad ideas, chalk this one up as the pinnacle of Bad.
  • granthor wrote: »

    Doh, forgot Horizons changed their name... but yeah.. dragon race.. :smile:
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