Would you like to see a Metallurgy skill in AoC?

What is Metallurgy? It's the art and science of extracting metals from their ores and modifying the metals for use.

Looking up a few mixes of metals, I have seen the combos of metals to make Quicksilver, Mithril + Silver, and Black Steel a mix of Deep Iron + Infuscolium.
Now granted we don't know what ores will be in AoC, but I am tossing out an example of what I would love to see happen in the game. Sure mine up the ores, then make the bars of whatever metal types, then use Metallurgy if available to make combos of new metals into something better.

I would add you only gain this option if you stay in a scientific node town/ city.

Thank, Cristiano


  • jahlonjahlon Member
    Based on how the Artisan System is going to work, this is probably going to be the nature of the "Processing" step of Gathering > Processing > Crafting for metals.
  • Think it is going to be part of smelting process not clear on how detailed it is going to be like making certain alloys from metals and rare crafting material but think that would add immersion to the game. Instead of having it so streamlined.
  • anthraciteanthracite Member
    edited June 14
    Yeah, that's a cool idea: kinda like alchemy, but for metals - it could add a great deal to the complexity of the game.

    Also, some people on the forums previously shared some rather interesting opinions on this topic here, so you might want to take a look:

    (edit: just copy-paste it if the link doesn't work - the thread exists)
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