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Since the first time I stepped into an MMORPG world (World of Warcraft) I liked the idea of a guild, to be in one and after to make my own one, always in mind that it should reflect the ideals of the people that where part of it.
Now AOC is giving us the chance to take this various steps further with the implementation of tools that would make that a guilds power not only resides in its numbers but in the team work and the abilities of each member and even the chance to make its own path in Verra trough a variety of means, like war, trade, crafting, even role-playing.

Having saying this I really hope to see what that the inside-guilds mechanics give us the opportunity to make, so a guild can became more than a group of people just gathering to play, I hope to see that each guild have their own personality and even can be recognized as a strategic force inside the game.

For me I want to be able to put quest to the rookies, test their abilities, manage inside guild separated specializations, being able to decide if there is going to be a Guild Master or a council that can manage different parts of it, and obviously I can't wait to see how a guilds headquarters would be

What are your expectations to this? Is there something special you want to do with your guild? :#


  • AzathothAzathoth Member, Braver of Worlds
    I am excited to see the different "ability-trees" they offer for 'leveling' a guild.
    I think having to choose between member count and other aspects will change the way guilds are built and expand. There seems to be a lot more potential for guilds to be different or unique besides their focus. Two Economy guilds could have the same basic principles and goals in the same node, but one could have the max number of members and the other a small member count but with a handful of abilities that make them a worthy rival!
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  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    I am also looking forward to seeing what options they have in store for us when it comes to guilds Steven is very much a guild focused MMO player so my hope is he will drive a strong focus on guilds and what they can achieve together. Guild leveling that has focuses on crafting,pvp or pve content and the means to gain benefits within a guilds focus. My hope is that what we initially get with guild leveling and perks when AOC launches is only a starting point and as the game develops the perks we can unlock also evolve and become more extensive.

    My hope is that guild halls will have all manner of specialty buildings that can be placed on guild plots to provide services to guild members or even none guild members at a cost. I also hope guild halls will be a place to display a guilds achievements to others, plus being grand buildings that you can proudly display guild heraldry so there is no mistaking just who you are.
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  • zinniezinnie Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    Guilds have always been social in nature and didn't need much nudging from the Developers in the past when it came to features and game-play. But as games have evolved, so has guilds and players now demand more from Devs when it comes to Guild integration into their games.

    Personally I think that's a good thing, as guilds should always be a major focus in an MMO.
    I think Ashes should take a look at their competitors and see what they are doing and reiterate on their ideas, such as Guild Halls, Guild Quests, Guild Missions, Guild Specific Crafting etc

    Intrepid has promised to have a pretty in-depth Guild Progression System and I can't wait to see it in action.
  • KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds
    As long as we can add custom rank names, the rest is gravy for me.
  • I love custom rank names @karthos :#
  • georgeblackgeorgeblack Member
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    I was used to smaller guilds back in the day.
    Around 40-50 members which knew each other and shared many hours actually playing together at many occassions.
    We knew a fair bit about one another and members werent just a +1 for a raid like it is these days.
    Imo the large number of members that form a guild in most mmorpgs takes away a real sense of belonging.

    I would like to see a guild icon at the start of a players name.
    I would like to see guild levels:
    1 10 members(theoretical numbers) no icon
    2 20 no icon
    3 needs group quest. Unlock icon 30 members.
    4 can declare siege and own castle/guild hall. 40 members. Can join alliance.
    5 can create Alliance to invite 3-4 more guilds. Leader is alliance leader (with no system commands over other guilds). 70 members
    Also I would like to see a "fame name" or AKA or simply a prefered title above the character name:

    ~The Punisher~
    ■□ Frank Castle

    This player could have the rank of Knight within the guild
  • Samiel AurousSamiel Aurous Member, Braver of Worlds
    I've been listening to (audible) and reading some LitRPGs lately and some of the systems they have in place for Guild Leveling systems are interesting. Being able to level a Guild to me is really important. It gives a sense of growth outside of monetary or personnel gains.

    I would like to see:

    1. multiple trees to designed for choose from
    2. passive and active abilities
    3. reputation system (rep gained/lost by members with NPC factions)
    4. automated tax systems (financial settings)
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