Passive abilities and procs for mobs

Noticed most mobs are one attack times however it takes you to kill. Now I have already posted on rng and special abilities in the past (archived) for mob so this is just a continuation of that not really a repost. Going to try to keep ii short.

Dodge if there was like a ten percent chance to dodge any attack that would then have a 50 percent chance for conter attack for double damage. Thing is after a certain level your toon never misses so if you put a dodge there with counter attack. I already posted on this extensively do not think I included defensive abilites. Really could be any defensive ability..
or CC could occasionally get stunned.

Frenzy when pulling large mobs like wolves the have a small chance to go into frenzy and enrage. So it could also be buffs.

Thing is the way it is presented here they are all just procs or base chances so no serious coding required. Could also be used on bosses just so the boss does not do same thing time after time.
This would make things more interesting and add an element of surprise. I mean I could be fighting a spider then suddenly find myself stunned or attack at half speed. Be cool to have things like that happen ounce in a while.

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