8 team tournaments 3v3 arena bracket.

well I was calculating the time for 8 team in game live tournament with each game being about 5 min could be 3 to 5 hours. But lets say the Octaves were instanced and quarter finals in game the time to watch those games in game could be as little as 2 hours. 3 match ups total maximum 5 games each or 15 games at 5 min per game would be 75 min or 1 hour 15 min. That way the whole server could watch. Guessing Gladiator Metropolis might have this. (Qaurter finals as in only four teams left) This would best out three If it went up to best out five then of course time would increase.

What I actually talking about is the tournament ladder showing different brackets in game. And of course matching up the teams. Ounce the teams are present and signed up the process could be automated with some in game ceramony for victor.

The two points here I want to make is 1. people on server could watch some of the tournament in game in a colosseum perhaps. and 2. winner should get some in game reward even if it just for recognition. Like Current 3v3 Arena Champion for this guild or that zone or whaterver.

Think it could really work at the micro level. Could even be set like rookie tournament first then zone tournaments then server tounaments. Stretching them out over time like this month is for rookie tournaments and so on. Instead of trying to do the entire server at ounce.


  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    Doesnt seem like something for open world where there is meaningful conflict already going on. More like instanced PvP arena's where you can organize team vs team. It would indeed be nice to have some type of automated tournament. Just like in GW2 where you have multiple smaller tourneys a day and if you win those, you can enter the monthly tourney which has the winners fighting over first place. To bad that for years its been 1 EU team and 1 NA team taking all the wins on theyr regions :D It'l be cool to have those set in a gladiator Colosseum setting so others can watch ingame. But like you mentioned above, these might already exist at the choosing of a military mayor.
    To talk about numbers is really a bit to early tho.. All we know is that theyr aiming for a 30 to 60 seconds TTK and seen the PAX arena's. I think they will see if the best balance for staged PvP is at 3v3 5v5 8v8 etc depending on class balance during alpha.
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