How far along is Ashes of Creation?

I haven't been watching the monthly livestreams and was just wondering how far they've come? Last stuff I saw was the release of their Battle Royale combat tester. So yeah, just want to know what major changes have happened since then. Thanks in advance :)


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    TBH the only big improvement I can think of is the new full body root-motion animations they showed on one of the recent streams. Besides that and some videos of models being sculpted there is not much. But I dont worry about it much tho. Like they sayd once before: 'the art train never stops'. Just like every other section of development.
    What I am hoping for when we get more info and enter Alpha1, Is that they are further then most people thought and made major steps with actually putting quest/caravan/artisan systems in place. Will have to wait and see :#:D
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    Alright, thanks for the info. What's full body root-motion animations btw? Is it just the animation someone gets when affected by a root?
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    I am by no means a expert but all i know is that root motion is more or less a template under the character. And based on its movement the character responds with movement. Kinda like a hologram light where the movement and position of the image all depend on the source of light being the template. That should go for any object thats moved ingame. Now my guess on where the full-body comes from is that before the character seemed to move a bit like a LEGO man XD You know, having the body animations split in half around the waist.
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    btw here is the clip when they showed it
  • Ashes of Creation is a very ambitious project so think it might take a little longer than expected for them to show progress that players want to see. Maybe they are finished with quests now but how do you show that progress when the world is not finished or vice versa. Really Ashes of Creation has given a lot of tid bits here and there about the game more so than a lot of other MMOs.

    As for as keeping in touch with community and showing progress they have done a great job. Just think players are really excited to play this game so people may get impatient and want more. Really with all the streams and blogs and lore and vidoes so far, if you add it all together they have put out a lot of content that gives us an idea of were they are at in game. Just not ready servers dedicated to live testing yet.
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    all you can really do is just wait till the live streams to get a update

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    "I haven't been watching the streams".

    Well that's your solution right there.
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