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My suggestion is to be able to find and create holy and evil weapons; those work according to own state and level of Karma.
So better the Karma of a player, stronger the holy weapon, and weaker the evil one, will be and vice versa for worse Karma.
There could be even a special and powerful ability, linked with the weapon, who does consume Karma points to be used (until a threshold in which the weapon beacomes weak and the special ability cannot be used anymore).
In this way players who does want to be paladins of Justice, or fearful enemies of Peace, will be able to use particular and more lively tematic weapons.
The main idea is to make interactions between elements which players use often (like the combat one) with the various aspects of the game system (like the Karma one) in order to favourite a deep customization of the character.


  • Samiel AurousSamiel Aurous Member, Braver of Worlds
    That is an interesting concept though it would give an edge to those who are on the extremes over the players that prefer to play middle of the road. I'd like to see how they would implement something like this and balance it.
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds
    Ashes doesn't have Good and Evil. And I don't think this fits well with Corruption.
    We'll have to see how religions work and if there could be a similar mechanic for weapons from opposing religions.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member
    I myself see my morality as True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.
    Dont know what that would mean in good/evil but I think a good description would be "murder hobo for hire"!
  • ViymirViymir Member, Braver of Worlds
    As mentioned above Ashes does not have the concept of good/evil but the OP idea about weapons has merit. Apply the same thought but to the multitude of gods in the Ashes universe and it could work just as well.
  • theblackknighttheblackknight Member, Braver of Worlds
    I like the idea of weapons, armor and magic items having more personality in game. Holy and Unholy artifacts could be interesting. I don't know if I would tie them into the Karma system, rather I would base it on what gods you follow , what quests and actions you take in the world. I would also like epic quests arcs to try to get these holy/unholy weapons.
  • theblackknighttheblackknight Member, Braver of Worlds
    neomir wrote: »
    As mentioned above Ashes does not have the concept of good/evil but the OP idea about weapons has merit. Apply the same thought but to the multitude of gods in the Ashes universe and it could work just as well.

    How can there be no good or evil? The game is going to have Paladins, Necromancers , Angel and Demon skins for backers and opposing gods. That makes no sense to me. The struggle between good and evil , light and darkness is the core of High Fantasy.
  • Well if you had opposing in game factions like lets say Paladins vs Dark Knights that would creat teh good vs evil role playing aspect. Really any in game faction that opposes each other will do.

    However there is an artistic value to angelical weapons and armour vs demonic weapons and armour just for role playing purposes. So would like to see both types of gear in the game. Wish the had a faction associated with it but if not that is alright.
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited June 28
    My quote capitalizes Good and Evil for a reason: They are alignments/factions in RPGs that have distinct mechanics associated with them. Ashes doesn't have that.

    In Ashes, Paladins can be "evil" and Necromancers can be "good". And there isn't any kind of objective measure to determine which is which.

    The closest thing we have to Good and Evil in Ashes is non-Corrupt and Corrupt.
    And it is highly unlikely that the devs are going to create any gear that becomes stronger the more Corruption a character has.

    Religious attributes could potentially increase the strength of gear to match the tenants of the associated god(s), but that's not going to be Holy v Unholy or Good v Evil.

    There is a potential for Light stats and Shadow stats.
  • Well while Ashes is factionless Good and Evil do have Artistics qualities associated to them like Evil for Underword vampire moviies. And Good Like Mount Olympus and greek mythos.

    But in videos games it is just one side vs another side. I mean it makes more sense to have something like cylons vs humans factions but that comes with ist own game mechanics problems So Ashes is factionless on world scale but the game is designed to involve a lot of conflict between players. But yes you do get the feel that good and evil are mixed together but that is just cosmetics.

    Steve said that he found that games with factions tend to divide the community....
  • ShoklenShoklen Member
    First time I saw a Paladin with a Soulfire in EQ1, it was amazing... Then people would twink their level 10 Paladins with them (having their guilds help with the quest).. Then level restrictions came to weapons.. But it was amazing to see.
  • ViymirViymir Member, Braver of Worlds
    Many of us in modern society are taught the morale dualism of good versus evil from an early age so it is not always easy to see beyond this. Most perceive evil as the antagonistic opposite of good, in which good should prevail and evil should be defeated.

    I can see people above mentioning the Greek gods and good in the same sentence. You should read some of the things they got up to then and realign your understanding of what is morally good. Similar with the Paladin the holy warrior. If you read history the crusades and the holy warriors that travelled to the middle east certainly did not always act in a morally good way and defiantly committed acts of evil.

    Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark. It is all a matter of perspective :smile:

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