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    Do you envision PVP contracts with nodes to guard caravans and the like? IF SO, do you envision a 'betrayal' system for PVP changing nodes or alliances? Perhaps similar to a lawful versus chaotic PVP in D&D context. Thank you.
  • This there an updated timeline that we can see?
  • XspearoXspearo Member, Warrior of Old
    Hi, I was wondering what you have in mind for anit-zerg on a large scale battle and small? (Maybe friendly fire mechanic or multiplying damage for each target hit)

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    How much money has been raised since kickstarter?
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    We know there have been set backs in various aspects of the games and that at there won't be any concrete dates until the team is sure they can keep that date. However despite all can we expect the MMORPG alpha 2 this year at least?
  • How do you plan to balance the classes? I mean i can think that in most of the situations there will be a small portion of optimal builds to choose from for pvp for example, where the classes with self healing will shine since it will provide survivability, while most of the other builds/classes will be forgotten by a big portion of players.
  • Hi, this is just something I thought of as a cool idea if it is not already in works. I am currently re watching the development update and I see you talking about weapon weight and shake and such. Will there be a penalty from for example missing your target with a swing or if you hit a rock will it make you bounce back and shake your weapon?

    Thanks for your hard work! (:
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    Main Question: Could you clarify for us how accessible "top end" pve gameplay will be? For example raids.

    Context: There seems to be a big discrepency in the communities understanding on who will be able to raid and when we are able to raid. I have heard people saying that they do not need to be max. level for example to engage in raids AND can be just as usefull as a "maxed out" character.
    I don't believe this to be true from prior IS statements, but apparently it's not clear enough.

    Follow up Question: Around what parameters are you trying to balance the high difficulty PvE content?

    Context: With talk about utility being more important than raw numbers in the community(again big discrepency and I Just hope for a clarification here), I wonder how you will ensure a consistent difficulty. As a holy trinity style game if one aspect is lacking the other has to compensate for them.
    At some point the mana runs out for healers, at some point the tank has used all his skills to avoid and dimish damage. So will you have an overall length of bossfight in mind? DPS/HPS check bosses? What will ensure we know we are at least on a personal skill and preperation level ready for that content? (talking only about pre raid preperation. Gear, consumables, class understanding, not boss mechanics)
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    With these long delays have you considered that you have missed the window to release APOC and releasing Alpha 1 without having to go through all 3 stages of APOC would be healthier for the game?
  • Thanks all for chiming in with your questions for tomorrow's live stream - the question submission period has now ended! Be sure to tune in at 11AM PT on Friday, June 28 to hear the answers and see if you get a shoutout:
  • Are we going through be able to give guild specific quest? Let's say something an aspiring guild newbie has to complete in order to enter the guild?
    Is there at least a sketch of what kind of tools the guild leaders are gonna have for guild management?
    We already have an idea of what types of weapons we are gonna be able to use, is there any plan of adding some "exotic" or not so common weapons to the pool? Like whips or chakrams or war-fans?
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    Can you make it possible to export our character models as 3d printable models? I'd even pay for such a thing
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    In case you missed it, our Live Stream video is up on our YouTube channel!


    I'll also add it to the OP! ;)
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