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hi everyone what package i need to buy to play right now?


  • AzryilAzryil Member, Leader of Men
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    The server are not up, and we don't currently have an ETA on when they will be back up. Currently the Alpha 1 packages are no longer available for purchase, so the earliest you'd be able to get in is Alpha 2 which will likely be some time next year.
    Whenever they get the APOC servers back up and running The BR component will be free for everyone without buying a pack.
  • KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds
    The above information is correct. You don't need to purchase anything to play the Battle Royale, named Apocalypse. However, as said before, the servers aren't up and we don't know when that will change.

    I do want to add, that with the $250 "Voyager" pack, you get Alpha 2 access, which would be the soonest you could get into the MMO currently. We don't know when Alpha 2 is yet, but best bet is next year.
  • thank you everyone
  • ViymirViymir Member, Braver of Worlds
    There is a live stream tomorrow I recommend you tune in to that or watch it later when you can. There are no promises of any game updates, but at some point they will announce testing is going to resume. Who knows maybe that will be mentioned in tomorrows live stream :grin:
  • insomniainsomnia Member
    Yet another person thought they could get acces to the game, by buying a package, from the website. Yet they still don't do anything to better clarify this. I'm starting to think Intrepid is no better than the likes of EA, Activision etc
  • wildarms2wildarms2 Member, Founder
    this thread answers a few Q
  • wildarms2wildarms2 Member, Founder
    will alpha 1 return this year ? i got invited but was bizzy or is alpha 1 done and now its alpha 2 turn ?
  • AzryilAzryil Member, Leader of Men
    A1 that started last year got rebranded to APOC. We currently don't have an ETA on when A1 will officially resume. Best guess would be first quarter of 2020, but who knows maybe APOC testing will go really well and we'll see it sooner
  • wildarms2wildarms2 Member, Founder
    thanks :)
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