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Origins of Guild Alliances

skafftarussskafftaruss Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People, Kickstarter, Alpha One
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Greetings. I've been weighing guild caps and the benefits of a small skill based guild. Seeing most guilds continue to recruit unabated, some with over 150 members on discord or on their website rolls, I wondered how many would intentionally break-up into four smaller guilds as an alliance to leverage guild cap skill benefits? Conversely, how many of us are starting a niche guild such as PVP or Tradeskilling, and then potentially seek alliances to augment other guilds? The quandary here is, IF large guilds already intend to leverage one large and three small skill based guilds from their original ranks, then there is little need for outside individual niche skill based guilds to join an alliance. Please post if your guild intends to break into four alliance guilds OR if you intend to build a single small skills based niche guild. As an add-on, I don't think posting that parsing a guild into four is a bad thing - in fact it's smart and efficient. Please don't be apprehensive to say so on what is intended to be a non-attributional post. What is your perspective? Input is appreciated. Thank you.


  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    We shall have to see how Castle ownership and guild perks and guild influences on Nodes create conflict and rivalry within the game.
  • I don't see guilds intentionally breaking up. The more players you have to leverage the better you can hold a castle, do raids, and find a community to go out and do things with from progress to chill events. Smaller guilds do create more conflict, which could be good for competition, but larger guilds can hold more real estate which might be more appealing than loosing your keep every couple of weeks to another small guild.
  • AzathothAzathoth Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    There is a risk in splitting your guild and just making them alliances. Can you trust the other leaders? How do you pool resources and assure every guild member that they are equally represented? When the alliances tries to claim a castle, who gets to be the king? Will all the allied guilds help defend the castle, if they do is there a chance one of them has a "turn" as king?

    I know a lot of guilds get big and divide into separate guilds because the upper echelon stop getting along or the members stop agreeing to their agenda. I am not sure if that encourages alliances though.

    I am interested to see the way guild conflcit pays out. Especially once you can start investing in them even if not a member!
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