Dev Discussion #6 - Share Your PvP Experience

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Glorious Ashes community - it's time for another Dev Discussion! Dev Discussion topics are kind of like a "reverse Q&A" - rather than you asking us questions about Ashes of Creation, we want to ask YOU what your thoughts are.

Our design team has compiled a list of burning questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding gameplay, your past MMO experiences, and more. Join in on the Dev Discussion and share what makes gaming special to you!

Dev Discussion #6 - Share Your PvP Experience
What is your favorite MMO PvP story? Why does that experience or memory mean so much to you?

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  • DamoklesDamokles Member
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    That one time when my old guild and i fought a war on a horde guild in stranglethorn vale... Rogues all over the place xD

    Or that one time, when i got ganked on my level 40 warrior in Stranglethorn and then went on a murderspree with my capped and mythic raiding geared rogue.
  • Seeing all the salt in world chat after you spoil someones day during a mass pvp event
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  • Truth EternalTruth Eternal Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People
    The momentousness of gain or loss is always the most important element of the best stories. Arenas, quick PvP settings, and anything that just moves you up a useless board to boost your pride has never held a good memory. Gaining and losing castles, fighting off enemy attacks for hours while friends gather materials...whether win or lose, these are the most memorable experiences by far.
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  • ZekethephoenixZekethephoenix Member, Braver of Worlds
    My most fun memory was when my guild took over Outpost Thorazen in the Dune sea as the Empire in the MMO Swtor. We ganked a few lowbies who then switched to their mains to fight us. They had more numbers than us but we were far more skilled, they ended up getting backed into Outpost Thorazen and tried using NPC guards to protect themselves. We ended up just CCing the NPCs and going for the kill on whichever brave soul would charge in after that.

    As for my most memorable PVP experience was when I was able to hold the #3 spot as an Immortal Sith Juggernaut in Ranked pvp NA in Swtor for a month in Season 1 of ranked. Oh good times....
  • sylsyl Member
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    The funniest PvP moment for me was back when I was a part of a Black Desert guild. We managed to hide our base in some hole in a mountain, concealed by bushes. The enemy faction was, to put it lightly, not that adept at the game and could not find the base. We did however destroy theirs and managed to reap all the juicy rewards. Basically a free node.
    Good times. :sunglasses: I wish I still had the pictures, that was golden. I like these smug mechanics of fooling others.
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  • ryuujiryuuji Member, Founder, Braver of Worlds
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    My best memory in general in wow in BG when entire team or almost entire work in cooperation: saing where enemy, how much them, helping each other protecting healer and healer healing which need more. Most of all I always amazed of people that do they job right and you not even said anything they are God's for me.
  • i loved basically every open world pvp in Dekaron 15 years ago, you always had to fight for better spot to grind, faster progress... made a lot of friends and enemies becaouse of that, was very social in that game. risk vs reward kinda. Pvp in that game was meaningful. From instanced pvp i rly loved 100vs100 from Cabal, thier system of "bringers" was awesome, one best player every weak per faction has this super cool looking aura an some pvp bonuses, true hero and leader of his faction
  • Some of the most fun I've had in PvP was on my perma stealth build in Neverwinter. I couldn't kill anyone except complete noobs, but no one could kill me either. I would run around the objective and harass people. The enemy couldn't capture because they couldn't get me off the base, and I would buy time for my team to come in to mop up. It took a long time getting the gear and a lot of practice on my rotation to pull it off. I actually felt rewarded for all my hard work and planning.

    I also really like battlegrounds in ESO. Fast paced and bloody.

    My most glorious moment was on Mordhau. I was using the basic spear guy. My side got pushed back into a tower and I held the lower stairs with many, many stabs. Eventually the enemy got through the upper door and sandwiched us. My body fell on a pile of theirs and it was epic.
  • mcstackersonmcstackerson Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
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    If you by story you mean pvp even I experienced it would probably in Darkfall when almost the whole server showed up for siege on a city named Chuharacua Bay. It was a long, intense, chaotic fight that at one point, brought down the server. I loved it because the chaos of it really pushed us and there were so many factions involved that no one side was able to take control of the situation. The fight was neck and neck the whole time with the icing on the cake being us winning.

    It meant a lot to me because both I enjoy pvp and the value the city had in the game.

    As I said, no one took control of the fight so it was constant fighting and combine that with darkfall's full loot combat. It was constant fighting and when we died, we lost all our gear which meant we had to respawn, get more gear from the bank, and ride back to the fight (luckily we had a city that was close).

    The city we were fighting for sat just south of a dungeon that housed some high-end mobs. There was also a golem north of it that dropped the most valuable metal. Not only did the proximity make it easy to farm and bank but also made it easy for us to defend if someone came to attack.

    In the end, It was an intense, fun fight where our guild members were all risking our best gear so we could capture a valuable city.
  • RokoRoko Member, Braver of Worlds
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    The most fun I've had in PvP was in Silkroad online during one of my first newbie trade runs, I had a couple higher level thieves track me down. I assumed to destroy my caravan and steal my stuff but I somehow managed to lose them in a mountain pass. I stayed hidden for a while and when it looked safe I left my hiding place. As the destination city came into view I felt a rush. just to see the thieves standing between the city and I. With nowhere to run as I was out in the open; and so close to my goal I decided to push through. They attacked but from inside the city a hunter came out from inside the city and killed them instantly. It was exhilarating.
  • sylsyl Member
    Ozelotl wrote: »
    My most glorious moment was on Mordhau. I was using the basic spear guy. My side got pushed back into a tower and I held the lower stairs with many, many stabs. Eventually the enemy got through the upper door and sandwiched us. My body fell on a pile of theirs and it was epic.

    Ah.. Mordhau, the latest memefest I've had the pleasure of playing. That game is awesome!
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  • recklessreckless Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
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    Honestly I can’t give one individual moment but when My best friend (irl) and I would change the whole pvp arena games around from losing to winning with just the two of us and 6 noob teammates against an opposing 8 man premade that gave me life in “Star Wars the old republic” and encouraged us to start a guild #bompton #gangshit #squad , Then Getting targeted because of the guild we were in and honestly a lot of the times it was the open world pvp on outpost thorzan when (imps) and (pubs) would clash!! Getting literal phone calls from guildies that everyone had to meet up cause we were ganking someone or protecting our guards so other guilds couldn’t win conquest! I miss call outs for 1v1 dueling because we wanted to see what guild had the best solo pvpers (we would bet in-game currency) it was the best putting it on YouTube and forums!! Please bring this joy back intrepid studios !!! It was soo toxic but in a good way!
  • recklessreckless Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    Like this post if you are a true pvper!! 🗡🤘
  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    massive open world pvp battles between guilds on PWI. ranging from 2v2 to 100v100; these could take hours at a time so managing morale of your guild was very important, especially keeping the casuals from ragequiting. starting with drama, ppl would spam theyr whatsapp pvp group to bring more. happened on the most random moments and ingame locations. sometimes noobs peacefully doing theyr quest didnt knew what was happening when they out of nowhere seen a mass of people fighting XD pvp there was all about bragging rights. everybody was recording but ofcource only the winners uploaded the fight on youtube which would fuel the drama till the next pvp session happened again :P
    here is one we had a few years ago
  • More of a recent memory, thought I wouldn't ruin it with my terrible story telling. Just peep a look at us killing Steven.

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  • georgeblackgeorgeblack Member
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    Oh boy....

    I was a 68 lv gladiator (2004) with B grade gear, and I was beating rogues 70+ with A grade. Never let them get behind me.

    Again L2 we were like 7-8 teenage boys inrl friends. Not in a big guild but were very good. Would pick fights with the strongests guilds and win, then hide in the deepest dungeons into order to xp without being found and killed by the hordes. Some times they would find us and it would be madness. Mobs would get involved. PK. Dropped items. True agony and joy.

    Again Line][Age. I became a Hero for a couple months. Heroes in L2 were the strongest person from each class on 1v1 arenas. People would fight every night for a month against random competitors. To participate required a very lengthy quest. Heroes had unique weapons and abilities, bonus rewards of great value and unique abilities along with a true global shout.

    Road trip to meet guild leader. He owned a net cafe so we turned on 15 PCs free of charge for the siege that Sunday. We lost but it was glorious.

    2)Tera Online. My best friend moved to thailand. We started Tera and joined a Thai guild. We were 2 warriors and one day after I had quit the game I was shown a video. Outnumbered guild war from the enemy POW. "Guys stop running. Take out George Black. Take out the 2 warriors." and on the screen my character was knocking people down roaring causing stun slashing and dashing"

    Played a few more mmorpgs since then. Nothing compared to L2 and Tera.

    Reason? No open world PvP. Except for BDO but I didnt spend much time in there. Too much micro managing.
  • Well the most fun as far as pvp is concerned is non competative play. Meaning if you lose the game no to big of a deal. Kind of like PvPing for fun. Non regulated play. Which is the opposite of what of post about pvp game balance.

    What happens in non-regulated play it is really choatic cause people just do different things and not limited to the cookie cutter set up.

    One time the stars aligned and got really lucky plus little skill plus class was op at the time. More cause class was op at the time. So I am in Warsong Gulch and there are three healers that stuck together and could not be killed and winning the game. But I came along and killed one and then killed another and then chased the pally down with some help of my team and pally went down.

    So my ego got a little big.....but healers were just not having it so they decide to just start attacking me I was thinking cool I am going to kill them again but ....they were ready for me. Found out there was no way I could kill any of the three healers cause they would just started healing each other targeted one the other two would just heal my target. So ended dying.

    So they did this for the entire game. I mean we ended up winning the game cause of it but this guys farmed me for the entire game. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

    I could sit here and tell you so many really funny stories, but things like this only happen in unregulated pvp just for fun play not to serious pvp content.

    I do arenas. That type of play is more far more serious to me. And a lot more pressure. I do it cause I like to compete to push my skills as far can. It feels great when I win against a better team. But nothing like the funny things people do on bigger maps that are not as serious.

  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds
    The best PvP stories are always the random encounters in the open world.

    WoW in the Hinterlands doing the group quests and running into the Alliance and having impromptu PVP in the middle of the area where pulling an extra group(at the time) could hurt really bad if not kill the group was amazing fun.

    Being on the short list for pre-made AV raids was also fun. Log in and have an invite before load screen clears always fun.
    Tarren mill vs South Shore was amazing open world PvP. Cruising in on the transport mount and seeing the Allies standing there knowing this is gonna hurt as you land. Switching to my main and running back out with a group for an hour or two of open world PvP.

    Anyone that experienced these will attest to the amazing fun.

    In Rift on the PvP server when zone events happen and both factions group around the zone boss and you get PvPvE as everyone trying to kill the zone boss and PvP at the same time. The Mass CHAOS was amazing fun.

    Hoping Ashes will have this kind of event. Guild vs Guild , Raid vs Raid trying to take a world boss down and each other. Very exciting prospect.
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  • ChickoFXChickoFX Member
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    I am no avid PvP player so open PvP world scares me a little bit, but there was time in SWG, when i was meditating in starport (jedi), just waiting fo CD to go down when i got hit by bountyhunter. Little did i know they paired on me, so running from one got hit by second. Was nice race around starport, killed the second BH but the first got me after that. (to my credit he was one of the best BH on server, so i had little chance to survive) Only the BH had licence to attack everyone (flagged / unflagged for PvP), and only when there was bounty set on player.

    Then there was mandatory PvP for jedi, u had to go to open PvP area to get sabre drop from one boss. Imps and Rebs were fighting to control that area.

    What i really liked was space PvP, with a friend we coud do circles around our pray. But when we fought against each other, it was mostly me blown into pieces (not allways :smirk: )
  • KindEvilKindEvil Member
    edited July 2019
    Не относящееся к видео. Расскажу вам, страшный случай из онлайн жизни. Однажды пришли мы на сервер LA2 в 14 человек, и через месяц захватили все замки ^_^. Сервер конечно же был пиратский, но поразило неумение местных игроков играть и их непонимание игры в целом.

    Касаемо ПВП, хотелось бы, увидеть его, как оно и было изначально задумано. Т.е. с начальных уровней и на протяжении всей игры в любом месте и в любое время.

    Немного о себе ^_^

  • GubstepGubstep Member, Braver of Worlds
    In World of Warcraft in Warsong Gulch, there's 3 ways of entering the room. The 2nd floor entrance, from the ramp to the bottom of the first floor or the opposite side entrance that led to the graveyard.

    I had the flag, waiting to for the alliance flag carrier to die so I could turn in the flag. On the second story hidden in the little cubby room awaited 4 allies, 1 whom was a priest with life grip (Spell that pulls Allies to you).

    When an alliance stormed the keep, thinking to kill a lowly flag bearer, I would get life gripped to the second story and my allies would come down and kill them. Return to our positions and wait for the next poor soul to come along. Think they eventually changed life grip so you couldn't do this anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.
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  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    Back in vanilla wow there was a particular hoard guild that held their guild meetings once a week in one of the inns in Stormwind. It was always fun trying to stop them from getting in and then finally killing them though they did get to the inn on most occasions.
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  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited July 2019
    Hmmm when I was in DAoC in the PvP area on the Hibernia side I was a very tall Firblog and we were facing off with another realm, but no one was moving; a stand off....really, because I thought someone had moved, I took off running with a battle cry towards the enemy and we defeated them. I was told that if I had not done that no one would have fought at all; that I had rallied my realm. It was sort of an accident, but it was a good one. :*
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  • cyanideinsanitycyanideinsanity Member, Settler
    edited July 2019
    So this one time in old school runescape I got assigned revenants as a slayer task, walked into the revenant cave, got jumped by pkers, and noped the hell on out of there. Blocked revs afterwards. 11/11 🦀
  • ilisfetilisfet Member, Braver of Worlds
    The only MMO I played much PvP in is ESO.
    Three memories stick out of my years campaigning in Cyrodiil:
    1. Fighting over an Elder Scroll in the field south of Ash milegate, north of Nikel Outpost. It was 2014 and calculations were still run clientside => 2000 player battles. I was in first person, as I always was until 2017, and on that flat plain, in that maelstrom of endlessly reviving combatants, I couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of me for the bodies were so thick. It was an awe inspiring battle that lasted several hours, until one side managed to clean sweep the other. It wasn't the battle that I remembered, but the fact I literally had limited vision due to how many people were packed in an open space, and trying to comprehend that vast number as I witnessed it personally.
    2. In 2014, a Dominion guild seized the north and attacked Fort Aleswell from Bleakers Outpost. The mer were relentless, constantly releasing and sprinting right back into the fray. Cockroaches, they were. Easily repelled, but never eliminated. They only gave up after throwing their bloody bodies against the walls for 9 hours. I bowed out at the 8 hour mark.
    3. As we were struggling to retake Fort Rayles, one player named Grunt /yelled to flank north through the hills. The entire zerg of 100+ players followed that order and surged through the woods, swinging around the fort to the north side and pounding through the weakened wall. Grunt earned my eternal admiration with that. I later joined his guild, Legion of Magnus, and he became known as the Alexander the Grunt, Warden of the North. Every night we'd repel the Pact cur again and again, only rarely getting a break to saunter down south. Grunt was well known, well respected, and well feared. He'd die an awful lot, though, spearheading every charge even though he was a healer. #GruntDied
  • DAoC - Battlegrounds, Frontiers and Relic raids were always a good time. I miss scaling walls with my infiltrator to gank casters on the walls nuking my faction.

    WoW - Battlegrounds, Alterac Valley, Arenas and OWPvP (usually Barrens).

    GW2 - Rolling around with a small zerg busting group(maybe 15 of us) in eternal battlegrounds. We'd parallel the main zerg and pincer or flank the enemy zerg. Portal bomb anyone? We ran mostly high DPS gear vs the suggested "Soldier" gear the main zerg used. "Go Beastgate!"

    WAR - Holding the Line on my Chaos Chosen when Warhammer: Age of Reckoning was fresh.

    ArcheAge - Camping Ynystere docks and ganking other faction players coming to turn in fish or packs. Eventually getting chased all over the player housing area. Pack runs to Freedich with the guild and encountering anyone interested in attacking two trade ships full of packs.

    BDO - Node Wars, Sieges and so many glorious OWPvP moments that spanned from Catfish, to Sausans and into Valencia. The delicious tears of guild drama and memes aplenty. When your guild name actually put the fear of God in players. Going negative Karma at Pirate Island when I was <1% away from level 60 but sometimes you just gotta teach someone some manners. After going severely negative karma I was still able to reach level 60 that night.

    Mordhau - Running a bloodlust build and racking up an 8 player kill streak in Frontlines. This game is my new addiction until the next best MMO comes out.

    Looking forward to making memories and collecting tears in AoC!
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  • hulkmasterhulkmaster Member, Pioneer
    Good story:

    Guild wars 2 arena:
    the most positive part about arena in GW2 was that everyone was equal in every term.
    Everyone have access to same equipment
    Everyone is on max lvl
    Basically most balanced pvp
    In WoW what i didnt liked was that "speical arena armor", without which you were in great disadvantage

    People are dharing their "good" stories here, i have some minor, but i would rather share my negative experience, so ashes team would not follow these mistakes

    Guild wars 2 WvW
    When GW2 was released - they had that awesome feature WvW, where 3 servers, on 500ppl battleground were battling for core locations (casteles) on the map
    And idea was great, but...
    They had vision of "everyone can get experience and equipment everywhere", and in the end that great idea of giant battlegrounds had been used just for lvl farming. So that great feature was just so badly misused, that even now not much players use it for pvp, more for a farm - sad story :c

    Battles for Glory 2 caravans
    They had same idea, like in AoC with caravans, that if you want to achieve something useful - you MUST use caravans.
    But that system had flaws.
    Because that kind of event takes much time - it became boring and unbalanced. People just stopped to use caravans, even thou it is really important part of gameplay, because:
    1) it is boring
    2) when you defend it for 1+ hour, and then just some random PvP party ruin it for fun, just in the end of the road - thats it! you spent 1+ hour of your time in vain!
  • AuronAuron Member, Founder
    I'll have to shamelessly quote myself on this one:
    aeonauron wrote: »
    My best moment was back in ArcheAge when we succesfully defended a castle against double the numbers: 30v60. It sounds impossible on paper, but what made it possible was the sandbox part of the game, designing the castle structure manually. I would really like it if guild leaders could have a say on the castle layout or where to put which capture point or where to put which siege vehicle at least.

    Other than that specific day, my favorite PvP content in ArcheAge was the Naval Warfare, luckily I have it recorded for those who are bored enough:

    (In the end it didn't matter that we destroyed the best galleon in the game, they just spawned another one right after. Take notes IS :tongue: )

    Now let's get to the wall of text part :smiley:

    When I started playing MMOs I never set out to be a hardcore PvPer. It was that feeling, the satisfaction, what made me interested in kicking other peoples butts. Especially when they were not expecting to be beaten. When it comes to favorite PvP moments, I always remember how we were able to sustain the fights. Keep fighting a group of players, wipe them, turn around and focus on another group or just peace out from the fight. Maybe it was a respawn fest, but PvP just kept on giving. (Something that is not possible in games where dropping gear and the limited teleportation is a thing. Albion for example, you just fight once and it's over. You either loot the enemy or get looted, there is no turning back. I really hope Ashes will be more forgiving when it comes to death penalties so that people will not hesitate to keep fighting.)

    Regarding Open World PvP: I don't believe that there are many hardcore PvP guilds left in the MMO world who just fights for the sake of PvPing. Guilds often choose who they want to fight, how they want to fight. They often choose to not even show up when the fight is not on their terms. This is why, I believe, PvP must be meaningful. It must, well not "must" but better to, evolve around an objective. Be it contesting a world boss (looting or denying others' loot/content), climbing up on the arena ladders, objective based PvP etc. I probably spent 90% of my PvPing time around world bosses and denying bigger guilds getting loot. I really hope when it comes to designing world bosses, the fact that it will be contested will not be left for later.

    TLDR: Sinking galleons and contesting world bosses were my best PvP experiences.
  • I love open world PvP from the preparing, the battle and the post war.
    My most memorable open world PvP moment was one of the Planetside 2 server smash OCE vs NA (I was playing for OCE). This is where the best 200 players from each server fight (200 vs 200), on a large continent. The first part of this story was preparing for the massive war. My outfit (guild) and I would spend hours perfecting communication across squad members and practising harrassar (light fast high damage, vehicle) flank playstyle (which is similar to a rogue flank squad). We also had to practice our communication and coordination with other guild outfits and also communicate with enemy faction outfits on the OCE server. Even though we were enemies right now, we would all be representing OCE in the server smash so we had to be able to efficiently communicate with each other. Then during the battle we had the the 200 people split up in force commander, 2nd force commander, command leader, platoon leader, squad leader. Even though we were a small flank squad we took down many enemy vehicles and it felt like we had made an impact. It was really immersive, intense and fun too. Being from OCE we were the underdogs and also we were playing on NA server so the ping sucked. We kept taking out bases and NA were taking ours. Even though though we got countered in some battles we kept going with the original plan. Then before you know it the timer went off and we ended up winning! It felt great and all that hard work paid off. People would make montages and funny meme videos making fun of NA for weeks.
  • My Favourite story takes place in world of Warcraft during the age of vanilla. I was the disciple of a great shaman with much learning still to go (being level 44 at the time), I had recently embraced my true calling which was in-fact to become an explorer and prospector. My story takes place during the exploration of what seemed to be an abandoned mine in an enemy territory called dark shore. After my prospecting was complete I was followed by about a half dozen alliance players from the mine entrance out into the world. Using my ghost wolf form I was able to create some distance between me and the group, however as I moved further towards the south exit of the zone, both escape routes were cut off by high level rogue players that were no doubt in league with these disturbers of peace. Luckily being the cautious and wise shaman I am I discovered these rogues using my far sight ability and so still had a chance to take action before I was soon to be discovered.

    Accepting my eventual murder at the hands of these cutthroat rogues I took as many of the low level bastards players down to hell with me. Turning a full 180 Degrees I set up an ambush from one of the bushes near the main road. Leaping out I tore the throat of the healer , changing into my normal form I had to quickly DPS this large group of level 15-20's. As the battle raged on I managed to slowly take them down one by one. Thanks to the charm of double wind-fury on ravager: most of these players didn't stand a chance.
    As the last fleeing druid was hunted down I became sapped underneath the shadows of a gnarled and dying oak. This was the location of my death.

    This experience means so much to me because I was avoiding combat with all my heart and yet upon discovery that there would be no way out I embraced it like a true orc. Once I accepted my fate I managed to kill a group of players before two (not one but two) really high level players disposed of me. I was just a quiet prospector who ended up being the lead character in my own movie for a brief 15 minutes. Suffice to say those 15 minutes held me on the edge of my seat and made the time feel like forever.
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