Idea for new/extended artisan class.

Hello everyone, Damokles here again!

I was rereading Lord of the Rings and came upon the theme of runes again.

IS already once said a bit about Scribes and some of us played with the idea of them creating geographical maps, but here is my idea.
How about the idea of scribes being the runic enchanters ingame.
They could apply runes to armour or weapons.
Currently the idea (at least what we know of) is that players can buy enchantments at player stalls. There is also a differentiation between enhancement and enchantment.
Enhancements are done through the application of power stones, which add elemental damage, while enchantments add visual and proc effects.

And why should they stop there with the possibility? IS could implement that artisan classes could support the node settlement itself. A blacksmith could create better doors for the wallopenings, alchemists could create battlement defenses, where you push cauldrons of potions down the wall and scribes could enchant the settlement walls with runes, which increase their "hp" or add a second healthbar etc.


  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Member, Founder
    Definitely something to consider for future content.
  • CaelronCaelron Member, Braver of Worlds
    If I add a sticker to your shield, I enhanced it.
    If I add sparkles... that's enchantment!
  • skearnzskearnz Member
    edited July 13
    the concept of runes is not a foreign one^^ (well actually it is considering it was employed in a diff game)

    in the game warhammer online age of reckoning the runepriests could give rune blessing to any1 from their faction.
    these runes gave them some stats (melee stats, caster stats, resistances etc) but it also gave the player a damaging ability like a singletarget with a slight cooldown to it, an AOE one and a dot version ofc.
    they were also able to inscribe the ground with a larger rune that empowered any1 standing on it with quite a hefty buff to either healing or damage in several forms iirc?

    it was a very interesting class and i enjoyed that for quite a bit. if i can do that again in ashes i might just do it in a heartbeat:)

    your idea plus this would be great i feel<3
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