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How to Report a Bug - Read Me First!

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Glorious Ashes community - as you play Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, you can help us squash bugs by reporting them to us on the forums here! In order to report a bug, please follow the template below when opening a new thread.

Please use the "Search" tool in the top right corner of the forums to see if anyone has already posted the bug you're reporting before you open a new thread, and check out any "Known Issues" list we may have stickied! If you have additional details to add to a bug report, please add it to the original thread instead of opening a new one. Once you've made sure nobody else has already posted your bug, click here to open a new discussion!

Bug Reporting Template


Include a concise description of the bug, 1-2 sentences max.

Bug Reproduction Steps
Provide the sequence of actions which reproduce the issue that you're seeing reliably (i.e. what were you doing when you encountered this issue?), as clearly as possible.

Expected Result
What was the expected result of the action(s)?

Bug Report - Actual Result
What was the actual result of the action(s)? Please be sure to include any error messaging, relevant diagnostic information, and include any relevant screenshots which show the bug in effect.

If our support or QA teams need more information from you in order to clarify your bug report, we may reply to your thread or reach out to you directly. Thank you for helping us make Ashes of Creation Apocalypse great!
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