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Ashes of Creation Discussion Round

BCGBCG Member, Intrepid Pack
edited August 2019 in Community Creations

Greetings to all dwarfs, humans, orcs, tulnars and well elves,

the Ashes of Creation Discussion Round is back, your friendly biweekly sit together with your fellow community members. So grab a beer, some wine, a potion or whatever floats your boat and join in.

We changed a few things here and there and we are excited to host a new episode each 2nd Sunday at 9:00 PM CET. As always anyone who wants to join in is welcome and can sign up right here. You can also contact me under BCG l Lord of Salt#0001 on the discord.

You will be able to catch us live on Twitch, and If you missed it you will be able to rewatch it on Youtube.

Be ready to see some unfamiliar faces and to hear some familiar voices, hope to see you there.




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