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Guardians of Verra is an Australian, mature, all race, all class guild.

- Join our discord, make sure you send a message introducing yourself so we know who you are!
Discord: https://discord.gg/qJ3BTgx

To start with, we will be aiming for a group of around 30 elite players specialising in a variety of skills, including:
  • Fighting
  • Crafting
  • Trading
  • Governance
  • Building
Our guild will bring together the talents of all our members to create a tight nit community of like minded players. Through our skills and loyalty, the members of our guild will band together to maintain control over certain regions of Verra. The structure of how we will do this is yet to be determined (we will have to see how the game plays out) it may be through running a castle or taking over and governing a node. We may just like to pick a place, build a defence and call it home, regardless of what happens, our guild will operate from a safe, central location.

Ashes brings a diverse range of activities and skills for players to develop, artisanship, trading and fighting are some of these. The strengths of each of our guild members will come together to strengthen our overall group, you can expect to see a lot of resource sharing taking place.
A group of fighters may head out to explore a cave and come across an enemies trade caravan, they may then hijack this and bring back the loot to the master crafter's of the guild who can then forge stronger weapons to equip the guilds elite fighters. It is this type of interaction between guild members which will encourage a powerful, tight nit community.

Our guild respects that guild members might want to participate in their own activities or not share loot with others so this is fine, however, if a member or group of members is/are becoming too greedy and not contributing to the guild, there will be punishments.
This guild will not accept any odd person, we will maintain high standards when selecting an accepting members to ensure that the efforts and contributions of existing members don't go to waste.

Final points
  • GoV accepts all races.
  • GoV values loyalty above all, and as such, positions on the guilds council will be held by members who demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the guild.
  • We are strictly an 18+ guild, we want to create a mature environment (immaturity from members will be dealt with)
  • No racism, no sexism, no verbal abuse, some swearing is tolerated (be careful to not offend people)
As a new guild, we aim to provide a friendly environment to help players achieve their goals in Ashes of Creation. We will be constantly striving to develop nodes and expand our empire within the game. Our discord server (created 1st May 2018) is a place for guild members to come to chat about video games, life and anything else they enjoy.

This thread will grow as further guild details are formed, but for now, this is us and what we stand for.

Join us


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