"the day of ultra violet"

"...within the temple, the young wanderer located a [beacon]...it sounded a great disturbance..."

{no 1 has ever reached this point}
[if at any time [the world] receives a notice thet you are the single sole only person to have reached a point for longer than 3,6,12 months, the point must meet [criteria]...it must be special somehow...not just a weird pebble on the same road everyone goes on...your exploration will be administered into the master of foraging chambers peoples book of notice for thought...apon being successfully registered into being recognized as the bravest most intelligent explorer the *[game world]* has seen for a while...you will recieve a magic token in your mail...it will open a gateway with a custom lock , only you can use, no 1, ever, but you will be able to use...not even if you want them to...



  • ....
  • Searching thru the forest... one by one your friends start to disappear.. silent, gone, in an instant.. time passes, your heightened senses start to play ticks on you.. time passes, day turns into night.. shadows are everywhere.. you only hear the sound of your own heart beating, no animals, no wind.. Then.. what's that? Whispers... Adrenaline rising, you follow and search for the source.. This way, that way, back around, eventually to a caves entrance.. You see several drag marks leading in... This is what your group set out for, you found it.. Elation.. still alone you enter setting aside the shear panic welling inside your soul.. Around the bends, twists , turns and corners you venture deeper and deeper, whispering becomes clearer.. Chanting, yes chanting, it's very clear now.. louder and louder.. One final turn.. The tunnel breaks opening into a room... Sigil on the floor, candles, touches.. and your friends lifeless bodies laying on the ground... Rage, anger, hatred.. you see them, a hooded female.. Its her voice... You advance, sword drawn... in but a flash, a mere moment, it's over... her body falls... with but a whimper.. hitting the ground her hood falls to one side... You go numb from head to toe, dropping your weapon and collapsing to your knees... Your recognize her... you know her... it is your mother..... sadness replaces all other emotions... what have you done....
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    Is this just a "cool story bro" thread?
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  • Azathoth wrote: »
    Is this just a "cool story bro" thread?

    No idea, but figured I'd roll with it... heh
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    As I step forth from the gate I see for the first time what they had talked about for so long. I look around at all the would be adventurers and I think, 'they all want to die for their glory.'
    I remind myself again why I have risked everything to come here. My wife and children deserve more than the life of a serf.
    So I commit to my plan, to kill everyone that has come before me and will come after me. This world will be for my family, and my family alone.
    I open the letter my youngest wrote before I left, the message is simple and accurate. "Cool story bro."
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    In this thread, madness.
  • So this one time

    at band camp

    I got so bored I started spouting non sequiters.

    True story.
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