my negative impressions about attempts to join this 12 hours beta

I got an e-mail with an announce of this night event this morning. I live in EU. A few days before might be better, but I still have a day to download full client - that was my first thought.
I've downloaded 2.5Gb file, and installed it without troubles. At that moment I did not awaited any problems in the evening.

At 8pm beta starts, or at least should be accessible.
I spent like 5-10 minutes trying to login without any success. Closed a client and restarted. This time it works. I think restart was necessary. That's dev's 1st fault. Normally everyone waits with a client already launched and just clicks login at given time.

As soon as a full screen game client started it appears that it's not the game itself, but full screen launcher/patcher, that is going to download another SIX GIGABYTES!!! WTF!? My normal download rate is about 0.5Gb per hour. So 6Gb will be completed just in 12 hours, right before beta end.
If I'm not mistaken news said "you will be able to pre-download client", or something similar. Additional 6Gb patch kicks off everyone with a slow connection.
Patcher should not be a full screen program, that eats a lot of PC resources. Normally it's a modified browser window, usually with light torrent client integrated.

I hope next beta test will be more friendly to audience.


  • sylsyl Member
    Spot tests like these will most likely not be slow-internet-friendly. You might have a better chance at joining the tests when the major patch(es) have been put through and we have longer testing periods (>2 days). That said, the 6GB patch was indeed not announced as far as I know, but is to be expected since you cannot fit APOC in only 2.5GB.
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    Come take a look at!
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