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Common bugs

WuqingYeWuqingYe Member
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A few generic bugs (that are self explanatory and didn't need pics) are as follows:

1. The physical object of a potion doesn't show when in consumption (but the light-up, colored affects are there). This has so far happened 100% of the time.
2. Not sure if it matters but, in the main screen under name change, after you change a name it says "672 hours still next change". Not sure how long you want it but that seems a bit excessive lol
3. At the start of a match, my eagle doesn't appear until I hit the "edge of the map" in my flying portal state. So far this has happened about 90% of my matches.
4. Whenever I see bamboo shoots they are always missing the last portion of their trunks so they look like they're slightly floating above ground.
5. Damage you sustain during the que before a match carries over into the real match. This occurs 100% of the time.

In total, for me personally, the game has been running smoothly with only one freeze (and eventual kick to the lobby) during one match.

Thanks for the hard work, guys, you rock!! I haven't played Apoc since today and have been having a blast with it!


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    - Name change one is not a bug, just a day/hour conversion. It states that you may change your name after 28 days (ie. 672 hours). I will state that it converting to hours vs. days might need to be changed at some point for consistency/visual appeal.
    - To cancel the 'flying portal' you can hit your space bar to 'activate' the griffon. If that is not working, then that may be the bug. I'd say more info is needed.
    - I too noticed a lot of flora that was 'floating' or not fully meshed with the landscape.
  • - Since this is my first time playing Apoc, and I've never seen such a high wait time for any particular change before (in this case the name) that I assumed an error but also made sure to include the "not sure how long you want it" meaning I also recognized that it might not actually be an error but worth mentioning just in case!
    - I pressed a bunch of buttons, including the space bar, for my griffon and nothing ): Unless it just looked buggy and weird on my screen, it appeared that it happened to several other people as well per match.
    - Floating flora could be a new aesthetic :):):)
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