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Potential Dark Pact bug?

Using Dark Pact would completely negate Corruption damage as expected, however when the damage would normally deal 10 damage per tick, Dark Pact reduces it to 1 or sometimes 2 damage per tick instead of 0.

If this is an intentional change, apologies.


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    AltodorAltodor Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I think the item actually says 50% reduction
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    Well then if it did say 50% reduction for this latest patch I didn't re-read it to see that it was changed to say that. It doesn't change that it made me immune to Corruption damage entirely in early game and late game was an 80 or 90% reduction instead of the 50% you claim. So whichever was stated on the tooltip, it was not functioning that way.
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