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Patching - 2 issues

monakmonak Member, Intrepid Pack
Issue 1:
My first download froze at 79% after 1 hour, I had about 1.1 Gb left. I restarted it and it resumed downloading. The numbers were weird then: 25% completed and 4.5 Gb left. With my connection, that was 1 hour again, but when I came back 20 minutes later it was completed and ready to play.
Issue 2:
When I restarted the game early morning, the patcher got stuck scanning files at 0% for 10 minutes (M.2 drive). I restarted it and it immediatly found a small 20 Mb patch to download.

Otherwise, I'm very impressed by the progress since last year, the game and performances are awesome. It still takes a lot of CPU/GPU even on my 2080 ti. I used fairly low settings (Very High, 1440p, 40 fps) to reduce noise.
Congrats to the team!!
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