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Horse - minor issue for azerty

monakmonak Member, Intrepid Pack
I couldn't summon the horses I found. Looking at screenshots from other players, I can see an "H" under their horse icon. For me, it was just blank and the H key was used to hide/show the hotkey bar. I couldn't find a key binding for Horses in the settings.
Otherwise, the game seems to recognize your azerty keyboard properly, I didn't have to change any binding this time. Thanks! :)


  • neemneem Member
    That's odd. The number keys on my azerty didn't do anything for me. Did you try using abilities from armor or potions?
  • Chilly OGChilly OG Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I am on a qwerty keyboard and found the same issue in each game I was in. Might have been a game thing and not related to your keyboard.
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