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Staff/Pike/Spear type weapons and the "Circle of Doom!"

Chilly OGChilly OG Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
edited August 2019 in Archived Bug Reports
Staff based weapons do damage when they did not hit opponent

Staff based weapons can connect even if not swung at player

Bug Reproduction Steps
if I had any 2 handed weapon like a pike spear ax etc... I could face away from my opponent ... left click / strike the air... spin my mouse and connect with the player.

Expected Result
That if I missed and then spun my mouse it would still NOT register as a hit.

Bug Report - Actual Result
I was able to swing with any 2 handed long weapon and be facing away / not at the opponent... spin my mouse rapidly toward them and connect the hit. This was not a matter of facing them and swinging the weapon in an arc in front of me... this was facing the wrong way and when I spun the mouse the weapon would spin with me and connect for damage... might even be able to hit multiple opponents however the BR did not lend itself to testing this as well.

I believe this is an important thing to review and fix.
Chilly O.G.
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*Edited to report the bug in proper format.
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