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A few things for feedback purposes

1. The camera pausing during a dodge roll felt slightly disorienting because of the camera being positioned almost directly behind the character. I think that this would make more sense if the camera was positioned higher, looking more down on the character.
2. The hit register for the greatsword felt a little bit laggy. There were points where I would think that I had made contact, nothing happen for a few seconds, then the person would die from the swing. No other attack during those few seconds. I believe that this was isolated to the greatsword because I did not experience this with any other weapon.
3. Energy expense/damage relationship could be re-evaluated. Energy was expended very quickly which was fine because the damage output of weapons was high enough to typically not warrant waiting for energy to refill by disengaging or dancing around. However, this also made most fights finish very quickly. I believe that this is fine, but if you are looking to extend the fights between players, one could consider slightly reducing both the energy cost of weapons as well as the damage. However, I do believe the fights were still fun and the quick pace made it challenging, which is a great thing. My main concern is how this would play out in larger scale battles. While this system obviously works for a BR, I do not think it would for larger scale pvp battles where a player might be in the midst of battle for long periods of time without an opportunity to disengage and regain energy.

Overall, I thought that this test was wonderful. It was my first time testing Ashes and was very pleased with it.
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