What made you stop playing your previous mmorpg

1) Line][Age.
L2 was my fav mmorpg. I stopped playing it when I moved to Australia and the time zone would make it difficult to play with my inrl fr.
If it wasnt for that I'd stop playing it because of the outdated combat and graphics. Besides that I have never found an mmorpg that offered as much as that game to me by far.

2) Tera Online. My best mate moved to Thailand the same time I moved to Australia. He showed me a Warrior, a dual sword class similar to what I was playing in L2.
I stopped playing Tera Online because of the ridiculous outfits from cash shop, the ridiculous jumping castle themed BG and because even though the PvP and PvE combat was great I didnt like how much of the game was instanced (50%)

3) FFXIV. FFXIV for me it's not an mmorpg. It's an rpg with team player modes (instanced PvE).
I stopped playing it because it was making me feel asleep, I disliked most of the happy fo lucky music killing my vibe, the mute always head noding character that was me and there was no PvP.

4) BDO. Again with my friend living in Thailand we started BDO. I was very very very dissapointed to finally find a proper mmorpg without dualswords.
Second dissapoubtment was the overly flashy visual effects attached to attacks. Third dissapointment was how much time you had to spend NOT doing combat to earn very little gold, with which gold you'd still face barriers in trying to improve your character.
Fourth dissapointment was the parallel worlds making the environment feel empty of players.
Fifth dissapointment was that even though the world was beautiful it was only 1-2 landscapes.
I found the game to be a second job even though I am a hardcore mmorpg player.

6) ESO. Again, I dont find ESO to be an mmorpg. It is a single player with team modes.
I played it solo for 3 years just using Group Finder, with an empty friendlist, belonging to 5 'guilds' that I may have done content with them 24h total in since July 2015, and never did I miss getting an item. So ez.
I managed to convince some of my old friends to play the game. Within a month they were bored. Meaningless instanced PvP, instanced PvE. Not an mmorpg. Before I realized that I never enjoyed the game besides my awsome looking class (whose awsome ability
Animations were totally messes up by a terrible animation cancelling application) the performance of their servers became so terrible that I though to myself, why bother with this PvE that I have done countless times, and a meaningless PvP that is less fun than LoL?
So I started FFXIV again to try the Gunbreaker which is basically Squall from FFVIII. Again the game makes me feel sleepy.

Tried getting into GW2 by my name was taken in every world so ima give it a rain check.

What are your reasons for looking up to AoC to make a great mmorpg?


  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds
    I'm tired of the endgame treadmill.
    I'm waiting for an MMORPG that is literally an ever quest.
  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    For me in the past it has usually been the death of a guild. Guild mates who stop playing get bored and move on to something else or just stop playing games all together. I find that once the people I enjoyed playing and interacting with move on most games hold little appeal after a year or two. The only reason I am playing ESO is because of my guild mates plus a lack of a decent alternative MMO out there. Though as soon as AOC launches we will move as a guild to AOC with many old guild mates returning.
    But that day is at least 18+ months away yet so with ESO we stay.
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  • Wandering MistWandering Mist Member, Founder
    I stopped playing WoW because I was sick of the way they handled end-game gear progression.

    I stopped playing GW2 because of the elitist raiding community.

    I stopped playing ffxiv because I was sick of the story and having to wait over an hour to get into mandatory dungeon groups.

    I stopped playing TERA, Aion, blade and soul and BDO because the levelling was so pointlessly easy.

    I stopped playing runescape because I lost my old character and couldn't be bothered going through the grind all over again.

    I stopped playing City of heroes because the game shut down.
  • I stopped WoW because FFXIV the original one came out.

    Stopped FFXIV the original one because it was a ballsack.

    Stopped Atlantica Online because I went to SWTOR

    Stopped SWTOR because I ran out of cutsences to do

    Stopped RIFT because it was a ballsack.

    Stopped FFXIV:ARR because the lag was stupid and my real life career was using up my time

    Stopped AA because Trion was a house of liars

    Currently Playing FFXIV:ARR and AA (Post-Trion now with Gamigo)

  • I stopped playing EQ2 because of a natural disaster, and just never got back in to it.

    I stopped playing Rift because the raid content was bland.

    I stopped playing GW2 because I realized I never found it interesting.

    I stopped playing Archeage because I got sick of Trion.

    I stopped playing BDO because there was no actual content to look forward to.

    I Also played Allod, AoC, Vanguard, DDO, LotRO, STO, WAR and a few others, all of which I left because of major dislikes with the actual game systems.
  • DamoklesDamokles Member
    edited September 2019
    I played WoW for around 7-8 years, and exactly one year ago i questioned myself one thing: "Why am i doing this? Grinding rep to get some inane item. Get gear to do raids, where i get slightly better gear. I will have to do this shit in a few months again, to do the next raid... Do i really want to do this? I will never be happy with where i am, no matter how much i play.
    I remembered why i started playing games, i was depressed from school (i was 1.80-1.90m tall at age 13, now 2m, and a bit overweight, i was the typical class pariah), and searched for friends online. Then i found friends later on in real life, and we all played together, we built our guild and started raiding, because it was fun and we wanted to be actually good doing what we liked. Then, one after another, my friends left the game. We didnt have as much fun anymore, but we still had some fun. Until i noticed that i was the last one of my initial group still playing. And I didnt have fun anymore. That was the day that i stopped playing WoW.

    And honestly? I dont even want to play WoW Classic anymore. I played it for a week and stopped today after reaching level 60, because it just feels... different. And that is because I, am different. WoW had its time, and it helped me deal with my problems, but i dont need it anymore. I cant wait for Ashes of Creation, or Star Citizen (support both games), nd really hope that they will bring some fresh wind into the MMORPG scene.
  • Stopped playing....

    EQ1: because of the slow grind and limited quests (early days), slow resource recovery. Class and race xp penalties that stacked.. Really no reason for this from a design point of view.. Sure most of this changed but other MMOs came out by that time.

    SW Galaxies: NGE hit.. Game basically crumbled at that point. Then servers came down after a time.

    Warhammer Online: Class Imbalance. Laggy endgame (City Raids). Then the servers came down. Didn't help I also had a major operation at this time.

    EQ2: Still pop in every few years... but Bloated Stats.. DPS is now measured in Billions of damage per second.. I heard they are even changing some damage abilities because the shear numbers are causing server lag.. Last played summer of 2018.. Probably not going back. When Sony had their "black out" for months due to a security data breach.. People left and populations never bounced back (I felt). I'm sure that his all their games though.

    SW The Old Republic: Played for the first four months, then just ran out of content/stories.. and didn't want to play "every" class and their story line.. I'm sure it might be better this many years later, but I haven't gone back.

    Horizons: Well.... it was horizons..

    Planetside 1: Had a blast but populations dropped making epic combats very rare.

    Planetside 2: Same as PS1, but also some class balance issues, and design issues.

    Just covering major games..

    Come on Ashes, we need you... :)
  • NagashNagash Member, Leader of Men
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    lack of time manly

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  • Only played SWTOR. Did every story. Stopped because I wanted more to explore. Want to make my own stories, this game sounds like the way to do it.
  • akabearakabear Member, Pioneer
    Stopped playing Lineage 2 as most of guild left, work commitments and changed time zone. Always a soft spot for that one but probably couldnt suffer the graphics if I went back
    Stopped playing Conan Online as enjoyed for short time but not social enough with few players known
    Played Never Winter (kind of MMORPG) had the best pvp that I have experienced but lost interest as daily things became a chore and player dungeon addons were not well vetter before introduction
    Played Ulitma Online but on a 56k modem and from remote area was utterly unplayable
    Played Star Citizen for a few hours off and on and one day may see it truely playable
    Played Arch Age for about 1hr but didnt like the style
    Played BDO for a while but never got to see what it would be like with a guild
    Played ESO on and off but really it is a single player with teaming capacity
    Played Albion all for 10 min then felt not for me
    Played Atlas all for 30 min then felt not for me
    Played Shroud of the Avatar for nostalgic reasons but really could not go down that path again
    Played New World during beta, thoroughly enjoyed its potential

    Blocked form playing Tera and a few other due to region lock, please do not region lock this game

  • FFXIV:ARR, felt boring. No skill involvement. You knew from the second your first bit of damage ticks if you’d be able to kill something or not. Screen clutter to the point of being unable to see key information. Customization applies only to how far you could move things around, font size, clean UI design was out of the question. Craft system reminded me too much of a cookie clicker game.

    ESO: the game stopped working, random crashes, extreme lag (triple the amount i get in any other game), gamebreaking bugs that get ignored for years, homogenizations of all classes, complete storymode overland with zero true threat, total lack of coherent storytelling. Oh, they still keep pumping out loot boxes and overpriced cosmetics though, and “pay for convenience” brands of P2W after they design systems to be as mind numbingly dull as possible, or requiring months of grinding to obtain an item you can just buy in the store.
  • I stopped playing RuneScape because of EoC and the tedious grind.

    I stopped playing... well... I think that was it for the MMORPG side of things.

    I then went on to play non-mmo games such as battlefield, CoD, Fortnite etc but I stopped playing those too because I missed the feeling I got with RuneScape so now I'm here.

    Currently playing Destiny 2 for free because I'm loving the cinematics and fluidity of the game mechanics. Awesome game.
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  • mushinmushin Member, Braver of Worlds
    They were all boring and turns into fashion shows maybe I'll try destiny 2 since they left activision
  • mushin wrote: »
    They were all boring and turns into fashion shows maybe I'll try destiny 2 since they left activision

    Cash shop fashion shows.
    No challenge.
    No real sense of accomplishment
    No human interaction.

    Dailies and fashion shows.
  • NarysNarys Member, Leader of Men
    ArcheAge - Far too much Pay2Win and the normalisation of all mounts pretty much killed the experience for myself and my guild. Yata and bear breeding is fun, but not when you can buy the end result from the cash shop.

    Bless Online - Didn't see the potential in the game, poorly optimised, combat felt clunky and the game seemed very generic.
  • MakinojiMakinoji Member, Warrior of Old
    DCUO-handed over my guild and left for TERA

    TERA- merged my small guild into a bigger one and then the bigger guild leader left the game and slowly so did everyone I knew.

    Blade and Soul- The game was full of bots in Arena pvp

    Bless-left the Asian server due to p2w and horrible combat-the NA version imploded

    AA-all around bad handling

    GW2-got boring

    Currently, I'm playing ESO and have been for 5+ years, it keeps me engaged with the stories.
  • If I were to chose, I left Rift with 4000 hours on it due to dailies.
    I don't enjoy content that I'm forced to do otherwise I feel behind, for example doing rep grind everyday. I'd rather have a repeatable quests or just kill stuff, then I can stop when I want.

    I don't enjoy content that I have to do, because you take away my choice. In AA for example I'd waste hours doing my cart runs, because it was fun, it gave me gold, I could talk to people on Discord.
    Sometimes there was I war and I could join. Once a week we had our Guild runs.

  • NoeSparksNoeSparks Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    Wow. Got ruined by blizz over time

    Gw2. Perma banned. Due to chargeback mixup. (Fk banks, oh well 10k hrs gone)

    Gw1. Playerbase died

    Neverwinter. Crap engame

    Everquest. Moved on with the times but still play on mangler progression server

    Lineage2 the grind

    Bdo. Lack of dungeons. Lack of content. Poor enhancement system. (Have since started playing again to pass the time with friend)

    Terra. Clunky combat.

    Warframe. Repetative gameplay, fun and good game. Just burnt out.

    Ddo. because monks didnt have endgame weapons.

    Contributing factors to me leaving a game are, over sexualization, and bright/flashy armors.
  • Interesting question. I'll hit a few that I can somewhat remember the reason I stopped playing.

    This one I mostly lost interest in. I was still playing the game for a few months trying to find some reason to stay, as I had a few friends still playing the game. Not being much into raids, the endgame didn't have much for me and I just slowly stopped playing. I don't think any of my friends are playing this anymore.

    I liked this game, its humor was fun and I played it quite regularly. It was like WoW so I eventually started to get bored with the game and started looking around and ended up mostly forgetting about it.

    Revelation Online:
    This game was bland. I couldn't get into the game. I really liked the Spirit Shaper but the game couldn't hold me. I think I lasted 2 months in the game and the friend I play MMOs with 1.

    Hot mess. I could tolerate the game but didn't shed any tears on its disappearance.

    I am playing this currently casually mostly to mess around with the Shai. I am technically not playing this game.
    The main reason I and my friend quickly stopped playing the game was the lack of Player Trading. The moment we discovered this terrible omission, we were gone in less than 2 weeks. My friend and I like working together on things, especially crafting. I had spent some time logging for him and when we found out I couldn't trade him the logs, we both pretty much lost interest in the singleplayer game pretending to be an MMO.
    To me, Player Trading is just as important as the Trinity is to an MMO.

    There were a couple of other games that didn't have player trading that I played that met a similar fate, but I can't remember their names.

    Right now I am searching for a somewhat open-ended MMO where crafting isn't an afterthought and actually relevant and not obsoleted by raiding. On the healing side, I would like to see all types of healers covered. I still want to make a damage mitigation based healer. I can't even tell if that is even possible in this game. Healers have mostly been fill that red bar based. A damage mitigation healer should be a more active and more interesting character.
  • KotterKotter Member, Explorer
    i stopped playing Everquest 2 because it's DEAD.

    i now play ESO and WoW.
  • yeoldesmithyeoldesmith Member, Founder
    Time restraints and life-starting 🙃
    Something need doing?

  • XenantayaXenantaya Member, Braver of Worlds
    1. Stopped playing WoW because I was getting busier at work and could not consistently make four hours of raids five times a week (which was unfortunate because I had to quit during Ulduar, which was a great raid).
    2. Stopped playing Rift because its population was dropping fast and work prevented me from raiding.
    3. Wildstar -- rapid population collapse plus being in a more causal guild that was having difficulty completing attunements.
    4. Currently playing Albion Online, a very different kind of MMO focused on open world full-loot PvP that does not include raiding and where the required time is more like a hour or two a day rather than four-plus hours.

    I'm hoping to be in a position to retire when (or is it "if" ...) AoC releases, such that working will no longer interfere with my precious game playing. After that, my main concern is AoC maintaining a large population to make playing enjoyable. I definitely think Intrepid should take a page from how Blizzard handled the WoW Classic launch -- better to have relatively few servers, a lot of phasing/layers, and queues at launch to try to avoid an empty wasteland six months after launch.
  • GubstepGubstep Member, Braver of Worlds
    Played basically every mainstream MMORPG on the market, but my main one was World of Warcraft.
    I stopped WoW due to the stupid amount of RNG that was introduced into gearing. Suddenly I had to have several alts to raid because one of them might get a titanforged BiS whatever from a m+ chest or one of them might get an azerite set that has BiS traits.

    RNG suddenly became this huge portion of the game with no matter how much time you put in, if you were unlucky, you didn't progress. Blizzard suddenly wasn't fixing obviously broken high level m+ dungeons that I needed gear out of to be competitive with other classes, their response was, "Just run other m+ dungeons."

    Then came the homogenizing of the classes. For the first time in all of World of Warcraft, in my 15 years of playing WoW. I hated every single spec on every one of my characters. They all felt dull, lackluster, uninteresting, and again RNG based. I had no measurement, no goal to strive for, because I couldn't gauge how well I was performing because maybe I would get 5 procs in a row. Maybe I wouldn't. Who knows? Every spec on my warlock felt damn near the same at that point, followed by the massive amount of gold spent rerolling azerite traits for bosses, doing events trying to level up this stupid amulet to be competitive.

    The game rewarded skill less and felt like I was wasting my time because I could put in all the hours, all the work into my character, and at the end of the week feel cheated because I got nothing out of it. No points, gold deficit, absolutely nothing... It was infuriating and I was no longer having fun.
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  • kaichirokaichiro Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Generic answer: if/when a game starts negating my progress and/or trashing previous effort. Particularly loathsome examples below

    "Hey new raid/expansion came out, literally all your armor and weapons are now worthless and all the previous content is now nerfed, in fact you could almost just level a new character now for the amount of progress your old one counts for" Note that I am totally ok with new content and new rewards, but side-grades or situational upgrades are much preferable to absolute and definite upgrades, especially when its for basically your whole equipment set. A good example of a game that did this correctly for years is FF11, plenty of new content with new expansions/bosses/raids/areas but when a new X was announced you didnt just go chuck all of your current equipment into the garbage. As a huge side benefit this means previous raids/quests/fights/content are still valid for the playerbase as a whole and arent relegated to skipable or worthless.

    "hey you tried to upgrade this weapon and the random chance failed and all your work was for nothing (bonus annger if you actually go negative progress" found in way too many games now, especially asian imports. I have no issue with progress not happening easily whether we are talking for gear, skills, money, or exp. Randomizing it is certainly not my favorite though, and adding negative progress ontop of randomizing it is absolutely the worse. If there is negative progress it should only ever be due to a players controllable mistake (for example death penalties are totally ok, and harsh ones are actually a good thing in my book)
  • Most of my MMOs I quit because the guild I was in broke up and I didn't want to try and find another or I never found a guild I meshed with and soloed as much as I could with some puging where I could and just fell out of it.
  • Rift the game's end game became very boring money grab.
  • Stopped BDO because:
    1) So much of the node production and trading systems went to waste; it was a world of missed opportunities
    2) It's a grind fest
  • WoW: Stopped playing because I realized I realized I had no motivation to do anything in game and I would get bored doing any content without a said motivation towards anything.

    Swtor: Will go back for the expansion, but quit because all my friends stopped playing and my main was top gear and since PVP became stale because beating random people in numbers wasn't has fun as beating friendly rivals.

    GW2: Quit because I didn't want to play the trading post for money but after spending 50$ for the game I realized I had to spent another 35$ for the living seasons to get their maps, spent a week grinding gold at endgame with my only lvl 80 to get gold for one of them then decided it wasn't worth it.

    Runescape: lost my account.

    Planetside 2: Saw the height of the epic battles the game could contain then for the next month saw nothing but skirmishes in comparison on the largest server. Wish I played this game when it was bigger.
  • KaienKaien Member, Braver of Worlds
    I stopped playing WoW because the game turned into a shadow of its former self. I stopped playing Archeage due to the Pay2Win becoming mandatory and Trion (XL) did nothing against hackers, bots and cheaters which fucked up the economy. ESO my guild died so i stopped playing it, heard its great these days thou. Same with SWOTOR the guild died not going back to that game thou.
  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    Yes death of a guild has been the reason I stopped playing wow a couple of times. Also being unable to find a guild that is a good fit has also been a reason I have stopped playing a couple of games. For me its more about the people I enjoy playing with than the game its self.
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