I am avid gamer who likes to do all things in game and to show off my unique crafting skills.
1. Will unique crafted items have the crafter's name on them and will they be tradable?
2. I hope they do not put everything soul bound to one character on all items.
3. Trading is another way of interaction.

I know several games who put all items bounded to players upon pickup. I personally think it kills the crafting system and interaction.


  • 1. Crafted items will most likely all be tradeable, and we dont really know if we can give items special names.
    2. Only REALLY rare and limited items will be soulbound, Intrepid aims to let items flow around the market freely. If you get something better, then you can just sell your old armour for a bit less gold in the marketplace. Items will have a specific max amount of repairs.
    3. Yes, yes it is!

    I myself aim to become the best jewelcrafter on my server and really hope that IS will let us name items. ;)
  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    they try to stay away from bound items since as mentioned above; they will need repairs and decay.
    crafted items having the crafter's name on it by defauld.
    in a previous game i played some ppl complained that they dont want names on the gear they craft so they made the option to change it into any name you want. i can see this renaming happen in AoC too since it doesnt rly have any downside(or leaving it blank). in that way you can kinda name a item the way you want. aka 'manufactured/crafted by : SwordOfSandal'
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