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So a while ago in december i bought the voyager pack on . I tought i needed to buy it there cus i am from the EU. Now the problem is that i can't buy any additional cosmetics cus doesn't show those on the site . I contacted intrepid and but neither of them can help me out. Now i feel that i wasted all that money and i won't get a thing in return. The biggest problem is that and intrepids account aren't linked and they are "working" on it. Now i don't wanna waste another 250 dollar to buy the voyager pack on the intrepid site to actually be able to buy additional cosmetics. Does annyone else have this issue ? Cus i don't see much discussions on these forums.


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    You can just cancel/refund your pre-order since you didnt receive anything from this pack.
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  • I asked for the refund, gave them everything they needed to find the purchase and payment and now they say they can't refund cus the services have been completely rendered to me? I didn't receive anything yet because the game is not even released yet...
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    You would have to look at's posted return policies. If they mirror Intrepid's (which they should, haven't looked) you can only request a refund for 30 days. The argument of not having received the product yet depends on various laws that apply to the region the product is sold from. For example, many countries do not allow you to refund pre-purchases for events after a certain window. This stops people from buying up all the tickets to a concert for example, attempting to scalp them, and when they don't sell, returning them for a refund just before the event.
    Your main bitch seems to be that you can't buy monthly cosmetics on currently. They have said they are working on it. Trying to game the system by creating another account and buying another package on the US side is only going to lead to further frustration. Just wait and see what solution they come up with.
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