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World Building

PVE content and places in the world should have knowledge that allows players and their guilds to unlock unique building chains and crafting chains that allow that specific faction or group of players to create a resource unique to their location. Guilds and factions should form based on a story they create over time based on the setting of the environment and how the environment itself developed them.

Players starting off in wastelands should take upon those characteristics and become more like that environment, people who start off in lush valleys should take upon those aspects and this should lead to conflict between the two groups due to differences. Each node should have it's own unique resource with some having consequences for using such as a necrotic metal that turns the area into a forsaken wasteland or trees that when harvested grow back stronger and better then before leading to the deforested area turning into a jungle and eventually overcoming the entire faction's city.

Some knowledge should be forbidden, with research chains that lead to negative effects to the researcher/crafter, etc. Similarly, these changes in the environment should unlock new sub-classes based on those environments. A player that finds themselves brought up in a god forsaken chaos wasteland in the warhammer fantasy setting would become a chaos warrior of some sort for sure and the same should apply here. Make node corruption unique to each node type and have effects on players.


  • WololoWololo Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    while this sounds cool and surely would bring even more meaning to picking a node to call home;
    imo it does not fit with the core aspect of the game if you look at all the info we had so far about AoC. it does not seem to promote exploring but rather staying in one place. limiting content one can experience and creating meta gaming around a specific resource. ofcource the biggest guild and its alliance on the server would cover this one kind of resource thats needed for high end gear. allowing other players to theyr resources if they either join or pay them, fuelling theyr power even more. the same goes for subclasses.
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