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Problems with changing keybinds

I'm sure i'm not the only one who doesn't use the standard WASD layout, but the game wont let me bind the keys I would normally use. Is this intended or has the keybinding system simply not been fully implemented as yet ??


  • Lots of my binds are severely broken, they overlap each other in weird ways causing 1 button to do 2 things and clicking the "X" to remove binds removes OTHER binds... then the scrollbar doesn't go all the way down to block making it impossible to rebind, along with awful default binds makes it unplayable to me

    sad cause id love to test the game and give more feedback, this is the first thing i would get working when releasing a game
  • was able to get it working by deleting keybind .sav file and making sure to fix them all in one attempt while in a game since "block" is missing while changing in lobby

    KeybindSettings.sav is found in "*:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\APOC\Saved\SaveGames"
  • Will give it a try, thanks.
  • Nope still wont let me use the keys I want :( so the game is useless to me until this issue gets fixed which is a shame it looks pretty decent :(
  • SolodzSolodz Member
    edited September 2019
    Ok DEVS should you happen to look at this post here you go.
    And yes I know my setup is WEIRD but it works for me :P
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