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Instanced raids and difficulties

Personally against several difficulties of the same raids I think that progression through raiding you should have to do a then b to do c not wait until c comes out and hop right into that because everything has been dumbed down and now the current content is the only thing you need to do. If people force a WoW lfr style raiding system please leave it as a tourism style raid rewarding dungeon level gear and make it so you need to develope your character and group through progression. As for gearing I think the way it's best handled is the harder content deserves better loot or materials or patterns for crafting . Call me elitist or old fashion or what ever but I think exclusive content and having stuff that's not available to all levels of players is a good thing and it gives people goals to build up to.


  • I don't think several difficulty settings in itself is a bad idea. The extreme stance WoW took later on certainly is in my eyes, but WoW has a different example for the opposite too.
    Ulduar, Uldur? something like that, well the raid in the Lichking expansion. It is, in my eyes, still one of the greates raids I have experienced. You had your normal raidenvironment with the option to trigger each boss individually into a hardmode for better shinys. It felt really amazing.
    As always, done right it can be amazing. Done poorly it might bite you back in your behind.

    On that note, I agree with you. I would be thrilled to see some extremly challenging content that might take forever to actually get done.
  • Ulduar was a great idea with triggered hard modes on raid bosses simple to trigger too and added great new fight dynamics 2 difficulties is just fine but when you have let's say the ICC model where they went 10 reg 10 heroic 25 reg 25 heroic great if you only get to do one of them a week but then players feel left behind so what now you can do all 4 so now you feel obligated to do 4 of the same raid in one week I mean eventually you'd out gear the lower content but to give your group the competitive edge you'd want to do all of them until that point so personally I'd prefer either single difficulty with or without triggers on bosses to engage "hard mode" or 2 difficulties one lower difficulty with considerably lower level loot and one that's allot harder to keep players engaged I'm also not oposed to an LFR WoW style where mechanics don't mean anything so long as the execution is done in such a way that it doesn't supercede the previous raid tier currently LFR in WoW has been dropping gear that over rides heroic from the raid before making all that content useless
  • I'm also against several difficulties in raids. Raids should have a certain 'difficulty'!

    For dungeons, I wouldn't mind them..
    But it would make little to no sense to me if a newly discovered dungeon offered several levels in difficulty. Or wait, it could work. If some dungeons, not all of them are / were divided into sections.

    In the beginning completing the dungeon could by all means be considered easy but after - I don't know hundred or one thousand runs - it could change into a more difficult version. Since many of his subjects have died, the True Dungeon Overlord could reveal himself. So, yeah, it could work theoretically.

    ~ Zention
  • The dungeon could be something really fun to have a random thing where you could intentionally activate a max level mode or something but other than group quests while leveling and a max level thing that scales with your groups -for lack of a better term- item level so there is always a challenge to me that would work but a system like normal heroic mythic gets to be too much and eventually you out level any kind of challenge
  • There is something for not having multiple difficulties. I will say I love(d) raiding but yeah when World of Warcraft added in the multiple difficulties.

    Not saying Wrath of the Lich King when they added in hard modes for individual bosses that you could activate was a VERY cool feature but once they adding in Looking For Raid and made it so almost anyone could finish it, I lost A LOT of motivation to raid in that game.

    I was not a bleeding edge raider for most of my raiding career either. I knew in Burning Crusade that there would be raids I might never see but that thought of getting there one day is what kept me going and coming back week after week. Once Looking For Raid came out and I was able to get a "clear" on day 1 and I saw the story etc I didn't have the motivation in most cases to push further and that lack of motivation sits squarely with that accessibility of "everyone needs to be able to do it" mentality.
  • I think Ulduar mode is the way to go.

    You can "trigger" hardmode by performing a certain mechanic a certain way.
    I thought that was super unique and something they should've stuck with in WoW.
  • where are my everquest end game raids that take a week to clear? some legit endgame, not a raid that takes 30min to blow through...which i still want some of those around. but i want a legit hardcore, endgame epic fkn raid where you have all this shiny on your characters/toons and not a whole lot to do cept stand in town or craft in your house. in this end all be all type of raid there could be that "special" item for your class, that 1 item that you can use through the next 2 expansions like some items were in everquest....always new stuff to get...but some old things were still desired. and if later on you want people to have to go for a "new" this is my class's "IT" item you could spin an epic quest off that item...need to retrieve x item from this new raid zone, this item from that new raid zone, this item from this new dungeon, go kill x of these mobs to empower this gem and combine it with said weapon (just a random example)

    ok for a raid zone like this to work players would have to have a "progression" save, it triggers a save when clear all the trash before a raid boss and yes!, have stuff on the trash mobs people might actually's a damn raid zone and they are epic mobs. tired of training through dungeons and stuff skipping all the mobs to just do bosses. if that's how you want the game just make it a single room where one boss comes right after another (which, might not be a bad idea for a type of dungeon) just don't make that the main source of dungeon encounters lol. for that i would have say...there is a break underground that has exposed an energy source that is akin to the portal we have seen in your game and we have to stop said beasts and close it. ehh crap, gettin off into random jank again

    TLDR; some week long epic legit endgame content and not this modern anti social in and out burger joint called a raid...
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