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Ich hab ein Problem bei Login .Ich haben neuen Acc gemacht sogar 2 und immer wenn ich mich einlogen will passiert einfach nix. Hilfe


  • If you want help, you more likely to get help if you speak english, on a english forum.
    Anyway it translates to

    "I have a problem with Login. I made new Acc even 2 and whenever I want to log in, nothing happens. Help"

    I am also having this problem, I even changed my password and checked my username? I try to login the ingame login screen and it doesn't do anything at all. I also checked the server status and it says everything is okay.

    any response, would be highly appreicated thank you.
  • Has anyone had a response with the login issue? I too am getting no further than 'Sign In'. Never a good sign for a new game!
  • same problem, just reg first acc, wanted try a game, press login - nothing happened.
  • Hi all - sorry to hear it sounds like you folks are having some issues logging in!

    To confirm, when you try to launch through Steam (from the EU), you try to enter in your username and password and "Sign In", and then the information clears out without letting you in?
  • Yes. For my case's specifics, i type in the username and password, hit sign in, it leaves the user name and empties out the password box and does nothing.
  • Same problem here...( thath why got so many negative reviev...)
  • I look shrouds stream and i can't wait to play

  • Download the game from the site then login will work. When someone downloads the game from steam will not be able to login to the game
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    I have the same problem, downloaded with Steam and when logging in with account everything clears and nothing happens... I've uninstalled the steam version and downloaded the "normal" client through the website. Installed it and Login works!!

    So everyone with the Steam version installed and can't login (nothing happens) , uninstall it and download the full client from the website and install it, everything should work. When logged in the Patcher should start and download & install the update(s). Working now here!


  • same EU steam , asked for username and password and well that,s all she wrote , nothing happens.
  • Have the full client installed but no go. Reset password, received the email to reset and did it. Can view my account page, but not log into game
  • help we can't login idk why, i have made an account and it doesnt want to enter the game i type it and nothing happens ty.
  • Hi all - thank you for your patience! We've resolved an earlier issue that was preventing some EU Steam players from being able to log in.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but if you continue to experience this issue while trying to log in, please open a tech support ticket here so we can assist you further: https://support.ashesofcreation.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000558614
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