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Opinions about APOC/Feedback

NotSoDarkNotSoDark Member
edited September 2019 in General Discussion
Hi guys,

I played a few matches and I'd like to share my opinions so here goes:

1. The actual fights last ~5 seconds and most of the time is spent running around, if this were a running simulator no problem but since it's not I really want to fight more so damage should be lowered or hp/def should be increased;

3. Auto-attacks and jumping should not consume resource, since this is an action combat system with a lot of skill shots jumping should be done all the time while in combat and auto-attacks should be performed at all times while in range;

3. And this is a big one, Dodging should ALWAYS be prioritized over auto-attack chains and other animations, also, the animations that lock you in place should disappear completely and should be replaced with animations that give away the fact that I'm about to cast something big so interrupts can be used;

4. Speaking of animations , auto-attack chains, as a minimum, shouldn't lock me in place, moving left-right while performing auto-attacks makes for a smoother experience. I understand that you want them to feel impactful but I'd rather have the movement over that and the spells should be the ones to feel more impactful since they aren't something that you can do whenever;

Overall I'm not having fun atm with the current setup but I hope that the combat will become longer so we won't experience a lot of down time and then maybe die in 5 seconds after engaging or even a map with a respawn timer instead of a queue.

The game is beautiful and I'm looking forward to see how it will develop further.
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