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Feedback on combat/first impression

First of all I have my hopes high for this game, finally can comment on one of the most important parts of an MMO for me, base of the combat - how it feels.

1.Melee weapons basic attack/left click doesn't feel right when you click once and do two attacks, I would like too see some basic charge attacks with holding the left click too.

Right click could be used for more of a defensive ability use maybe, block atleast for now. Have to be honest haven't thought this through, but just throwing an idea here.

Alot of people say that they feel like a noodle fight.
I think it's only because so far there are no cc/root/knockdown/roots etc. to test,No comment on that for now. It's just a basic action combat attack.

2.Bows/wands/crossbows I like the direction of them, I should feel kinda like I am playing an fps game in a way, would like to see an animation for a zoom in on crossbow not just pop into a scope.

Question: Why the decision for now atleast to have bow and wand charge up an attack and zoom in at the same time? Personally for atleast what we have now I think it would feel much better if left click attacks are quick ones and when you right click you zoom in and then while holding zoom click left to charge up an attack and release left click to shoot.

But that depends how you were planning on combining it with mmo style abilities tab target/ action combat ones.

I personally just think it would feel better in a way that I mentioned before.

P.S. Thank you for reading, would like to know what other players think, maybe a dev., if this adds some value to the future of AoC development.


  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    1. You can make "combo" attacks with your weapons. The longbow already has a channel ability, where you gain range and accuracy but burn stamina.
    2. We already have a block ability, you can block by pressing tab. You could maybe switch the keybinds for block and the lunge attack or something if you really wanted to.
    3. Only one bow has a sharge attack in my knowledge, and that is the longbow. The other bows have up to 10 shot and can be fired in relatively good succession, while the crosbow has the highest attackspeed. I have to say though that i am bad with the bow in apoc and mostly rely on the wand or crossbow if i need ranged weapons.

    I think that they are going into the right direction. Now that they can gain big ammounts of data, they can begin to puzzle together the next parts of the alpha phase (horde mode and siege mode).
  • I definitely agree that direction is right.Just nitpicking maybe.
    1. Yeah i know, but I definitely don't think when you click once your first attack does two swings, I just doesn't feel right.
    2. Also know about block doesn't seem that usefull for now, right click is used for mobility and gab closing attacks, I personally think defensive attacks is better use for melee right clicks and offensive for left clicks. What combos will you be able to make, well we will see.
    3. I guess I didn't make it clear I don't actually mean a charge attack like a special attack, I meant the feeling like you are using a bow could be right click to zoom closer, left hold to pull the arrow back release to shoot, it could be different with crossbow as the arrow is just loaded and ready like in a gun, so you don't need it to pull back
    An arrow you just reload after every shot, ofcourse this is not an fps game, so how the standart abilities of an MMO game will be combined, just don't know what's the plan there.

    But so far I like it, just small suggestions.
  • leameseleamese Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    i also find it weird when i right click he attacks twice. it doesn't feel right
  • DamoklesDamokles Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    leamese wrote: »
    i also find it weird when i right click he attacks twice. it doesn't feel right

    They should not attack when you only make a right click tbh xD did you do something to your keybinds?
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