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Anything to do Other than Battle Royale against people?

I want to check out this game's art, style, animations and maybe do a little exploration of the map. Is there anything to do Other than Battle Royale? Is there a pve mode or exploration mode?

My first experience was in the Lobby and "solo" join button. I pressed it and soon I was on a griffon flying down to what looked like a Hunger Games tournament. I did not get any instruction how to play and I did not know if this is a tutorial or a player vs player match. I exited the game because I do not want to jump into a pvp match without knowing what is going on. Besides I'd rather explore the game first, if that is possible at all?

Ive never played a battle royale before I do not intend to. I'd like to help test other aspects of the mmo in-development, if possible, and Im just generally curious about this project. If there was a pve mode, or perhaps a PvP mode with TEAMS and a victory goal, then I would participate in that.


  • At this moment the BR is the only game mode. This mainly tests the net code, animation, server stability etc.
    The next step will be a castle siege and horde mode. Horde mode will be a kind of PvE content (defend the node against mobs), but still not a free to explore world thing.
    In the BR there are team and duo modes as well, but no/minimal tutorial and there is not any practice mode.
    Actually the exploration is partially available in the BR mode. There are many different building, natural environment even we have an(?) underworld style cavern. I found it after about 20-25 games.
    If you would like to test the MMO only, you should come back later.
  • Only want to Up this thread and ask, how later should I came to test or play PvE and real exploration mode. One year, more or less?
    I do not like BR and siege and likewise.

    I liked Ashes of Creation, because it was announced as really good living/breathing world and not a simple BR and siege mode.
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