Buildings becoming invisible as I get near them.

Subject :
Just as the title says.

Description :
The infrastructures that I get next to disapear. (Houses, walls, bridges etc...) what's more if it does not become invisible, it stays on low-poly & my character is glitched. It result in me being able to see through things seeing loots & players. I can interact, obtain items even tho I am behind a supposed wall.

Bug Reproduction Steps :
So when I join the game, before the round actually starts, it seems to work fine. When I enter the round gliding down with my mount, I can clearly see infrastructures on low-poly. Yet upon landing next to those they disappears.
If I decide to take some distance, they pop up once more (still in low-poly), when I am getting close by again, the bug occur once again. If I decide to get to another area with another buildings, the same bug happens again. So it's not bound to a specific area.

Expected Result :
If I decide to move into those invisible buldings, my character goes forward a little, but get rolled back to it's previous place everytime. Using blink & or lounge does not changes anything.

Bug Report - Actual Result
Everything written above °°


  • DrakehiroDrakehiro Member, Leader of Men
    edited September 2019
    Middle building didnt spawn visually start of game.
    Attached screenshot shows person walking around.
  • greypeltgreypelt Moderator, Member, Braver of Worlds
    edited September 2019
    There should be buildings in all of these screenshots. The items that are placed where they should be if the building was there are generally lootable through what would be walls / chests are openable / high items can be jumped too and grabbed. I think projectiles generally ignore the non-loaded buildings. Buildings in the distance pop out of existence when approached generally. I've had this across about 10 matches today.


  • trokairtrokair Member
    edited September 2019
    When I am in a area with a lot of these "missing" buildings I get a lot of fps hitching. Furthermore, I have noticed that when I am far away that the buildings render fine but up close they disappear. I think this may have to do with a problem with LOD rendering.
  • insomniainsomnia Member
    edited October 2019
    This bug is really annoying and can be quite devastating. It prevents me from going in and looting, while my opponents does. You seemed to have made APoC worse, from the previous testing phases. I never experienced this before. I find this bug unacceptable. It happens to often now. It actualy seems to happen more and more often. I have a feeling it is your new rendering system as it didn't happen in the previous testing phases. One time i actualy went into the ground and was somewhat stuck there, at one of those harbor/shore areas
  • As this is a bug I'm encountering also, it appears to happen when I'm landing on or too close to a building. I'll land on or near a building and the building itself will be invisible but I can see all of the potions and other items throughout the building. I have to jump around until it finally corrects itself. I'm able to pick up items through the walls if I'm close enough to them.
  • This is happening way to often now. I thought a game was ment to get better the further you get into developing it and not worse
  • Is there a way to fix this ? Since this bug is making the game unplayable for me, it's pretty frustrating.
    Also, I was wondering if this section's purpose is only to report bugs, more than recieving help ^^'. At least getting an answer will make sure I am not waiting for nothing.
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